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Best Virtual Assistant - Jahzeel Cara

Ms. Jahzeel Cara, LPT

  • Professional Secondary Education Teacher Major in Mathematics

  • Professional Administrative Virtual Assistant

  • Professional Executive Assistant

  • Social Media Marketing and Management

  • Expert Graphic & Web Designer 

  • Expert Video Editor

+63 (0956) 738-0043


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Are you looking for a professional and experienced virtual assistant? Looking for a professional who can help you achieve your target goals and open doors to success?

With years of experience as a virtual assistant, she can work part-time, full-time, or as a freelancer depending on your specific needs.

Her primary goal is to help you achieve your target goals and open doors to success within the given timeframe. She has a wide range of skills, including administrative tasks, project management, data entry, customer service, email management, and more. As a licensed math teacher, she can also provide math tutoring and related tasks.

What sets Ms. Jahzeel apart is her dedication to building long-term relationships with her clients based on trust and connections in different avenues or industries of professionals around the world. She is not just working for money, but to establish a lasting partnership with her clients.

Ms. Jahzeel is also willing to learn new skills and gain more experience to complete tasks efficiently. She is always ready to share ideas to make the goals easy to achieve. Her motto is learning is a continuous process. She is professional, but friendly at the same time, and believes that attitude is more important than skills.

To build trust with her clients, Ms. Jahzeel can provide sample work. She is also available for a call to explain how she can help you. Daily communication and meetings on the platform of your choice are essential to Ms. Jahzeel to ensure the successful completion of the project.

If you choose Ms. Jahzeel as your virtual assistant or math tutor, you can be assured that your work will be completed with accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism. She is excited to work in a good environment that offers professional advancement and a good future with her clients.

Best Virtual Assistant - Jahzeel Cara
Best Virtual Assistant - Jahzeel Cara
Education & Experience
Best Virtual Assistant - Jahzeel Cara
Best Virtual Assistant - Jahzeel Cara

Major Services & Skills


Administrative tasks to run your business efficiently including data entry and processing, documentation, research, email and calendar management, MS Office tasks, bookkeeping, project management, and personal online errands.


From raw copy - editing unwanted parts, repurpose video to IGTV, Reels, YTB, Promotional ads, or as per request, put music on. Or even create a new one.


From your image, we can create an adorable cartoon copy, and you can provide inspiration for use as references.


Marketing assistance to boost your efforts including marketing strategy, automation, email marketing, blog management, research, graphic design, and report generation.


Create a draft from any website builder application, SEO tags, and keywords, and revise the current site. Includes creating branding kit - Can't decide what color, what font, and so on? I can help you create one for you and even create templates for you to use on.


From Microsoft Applications (Documents, Excel, Powerpoint) to Google Applications (Sheets, Documents, Drive) Plus credible output of research. (lead generation)


Engage your audience with compelling content through our blog writing, editing, content research, email campaigns, and web content writing services.


Widen your reach through our social media services including making branding kit, content creation, planning, and scheduling, engagement with potential sales, graphic design, group management, increasing the number of followers, optimization, and hashtag research.


You can tell me what you were looking for and let's see how may I help you. I am a FLEXIBLE and MULTISKILL PERSON! For me everything is POSSIBLE

Skills & Languages
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