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45 Reasons Why You Should Have a VA

Any entrepreneur or business owner knows just how much starting up a business takes away from them. You literally spend your days in the office with barely enough time for yourself let alone for your family.

And when your business is finally up and running, you realize just how much more work needs to be done. You know that you need a helping hand from another employee, but the cost of hiring and training one is too risky not to mention time-consuming.

Worry no more! A Virtual Assistant (VA) is everything that you need.

Having a VA feels like having an extra set of limbs and brains that help you get through your day and get even more things done with you feeling less tired. VA’s can help you in your journey to build your business as they help you with all of your tasks and even with bigger projects that require a certain type of skill and amount of experience.

If you want to know more about why you need a VA right now, then we’ve got plenty of reason for you (45 to be exact):

Boost your productivity

1. Reduce the workload by delegating activities

You may not realize it, but you have many things on your plate that you can literally entrust to somebody else, and it would make your day go by a lot easier. These things are mostly repetitive tasks such as viewing your emails, keeping track of documents, contacting clients, and many others. You do not have to spend your energy on these things when you could be doing something else that benefits your company even better.

Once you realize how much lighter the workload feels by delegating it to a VA, you would never want to go back. So, feel free to delegate tasks such as social media management, handling payments and taxes, creation of advertisement fliers, and etc. to your VA while you focus on more important things.

2. No workplace drama

We know you have already seen it quite often, but there are many instances of employees creating drama and gossip at work so much that it affects their productivity. However, this is no problem when it comes to VA’s as they only communicate virtually, there is no need for them to communicate with other workers outside of work purposes.

3. Great time management skills

Since you pay them by the hour, VA’s work much harder than employees who can rest easy as they are paid monthly by contract.

4. Increased productivity

They are more productive thereby making you and your company more productive as well. With your attention solely on essential tasks, and VA’s working by the hour, you can expect a boost in your productivity overall.

5. VA’s are independent

With VA’s you won’t have to worry about them not doing their jobs as we’ve mentioned before. You can expect the results that you’ve paid for exactly how you want it. Hence eliminating the need for micromanagement.

Save time

6. Flexible working hours

Having a full-time employee means that they’ll only work within a specific time period, but that’s not the case at all with VA’s. They can adjust their working schedules to accommodate your needs perfectly so you can rest assured that there will always be someone available to help you.

7. Get more things done in less time

Just as the title says, you can actually get more things done in less time when you hire a VA to help you out in your tasks by delegating it to them.

8.Get more time for yourself

When you get more things done in less time, you automatically get more time for yourself. You can then either take this time to do more productive things or simply take a breather to rest with your family.

With a VA, you instantly gain all the lost time that you previously had because of mundane tasks. What’s more, is that your VA’s are well-suited to any task you give them so you have no worries while you are taking a much-deserved break.

Save Money

9. Pay for what you need

Essentially, a VA’s pay is based solely on the number of hours they have actually worked with you or based on the scope/nature of work you have asked them to undertake. Their pay increases with how productive they are. In this way, you eliminate the risk of paying somebody who only spent his/her time idling.

This also means that you don’t have to worry about other bills such as their healthcare, food stubs, or any expenses that you might expect from having a full-time employee.

10. No employee-related expenses

Holiday pay? Pensions? Health cards? And other employee expenses? You don’t have to worry about any of that with a VA as they are considered as an independent contractor instead of a full-time employee.

With this mentioned, you also do not have to worry about monthly salaries as you only have to pay the proper compensation that the two of you have agreed to.

Furthermore, VA’s can step into the roles that are most needed for your business as most of them have related skills that are perfect for your company. Essentially, you get all the benefits of having a skilled trained employee without having to pay for their training or waiting time for them to get trained.

11. Cut office-related expenses

As VA’s work separately from your office, you don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to buy them their own cubicle, equipment, and workspace in your office this not only saves time and money but also space in your office.

12. Great value

You don’t always have the need for a professional in a certain field, so why make them full-time employees? With VA’s, you can get the same expertise for fewer amounts of money.

In addition, scouring the outside world to look for the talent that you need is highly impractical and expensive when you can just look for them online on specific websites and hire them at your own comfort.

13. Helps you focus on more important things

You can always delegate all the tiring and time-consuming repetitive tasks to your VA and they can be a huge helping hand in your time of need. This helps you to focus on the really important things such as the core business areas such as building a customer base (which VA’s can give you a daily update of through customer relations), product design, and administrative tasks (which again, VA’s can also help you with) and finally profitability which gives you security in taking another step for your business and motivates you for success.

14. Grow while you sleep

VA’s can do your work for you even as you sleep! This is because not all of them have the same time zone as you are, but you can surely rest easy when you have a VA.

15. Scaling your business

Having a VA ensures a flexible resource system that also allows you to move fast when you’re either scaling up or down for your business. You can hire more VA’s to help you grow faster, or you can cut off some VA’s to scale down. VA’s are much easier to end a contract with than full-time employees.

16. Have a lean team

When it comes to hiring a team that you pay for their work, quality is a lot better than quantity. Having a team of experienced professionals you can easily collaborate coordinate, and manage with makes your job a lot easier.

17. Increased profits

With all the reduced costs that you would have gotten from hiring a full-time employee as we’ve mentioned previously, we can automatically assume that all those reduced costs will help you increase your overall profit!

18. A support system

A good VA can always support your business every step of the way. You can have several teams of VA’s who will act as the support for other departments of your team thereby increasing efficiency. They can even potentially stand in case a team goes down or out of service.

For startups, this effect is even boosted as VA’s can help you navigate in managing the cobweb-like ecosystem of professionals that you have.

19. Retention

When it comes to full-time employees, it’s hard to guess whether we will be able to retain them or not. When we don’t, then all the training money and time we’ve spent for them will be wasted.

However, this isn’t a problem with VA’s as long as you develop a healthy working relationship with them.

20. Work for your vision

A lot of times, it’s easy to get sidetracked from our goals because we have so many things to do. For example, having so many administrative tasks that don’t necessarily correlate with what we have to do. With a VA, you can finally focus on working on your vision as you now have more time.

21. Stay one step ahead

By being able to focus on vital tasks in your company, you can make sure that you are always one step ahead of your competitors! Hiring a VA lets you have more time, energy, and more importantly, brainpower to be allocated in planning your next step.


22. Low maintenance

VA’s are low maintenance. Just be a good business partner and uphold your end of the contract, and there will be no problems!

23. Work from anywhere

VA’s can come from anywhere around the world and still be able to help you. Their skill sets also help you extend your reach on a global scale for your company so it’s a great deal.

24. Pinnacle of remote working

A successful business doesn’t always need to have a fancy physical location that costs you your entire wallet. If you can work in the comfort of your home, then so can your employees. As mentioned before, this increases efficiency and profitability. Not to mention, it is very ideal in this covid-19 situation.

Work-life balance

25. Rest easy

When you hire a VA, you can rest assured that a truly qualified professional is working for you. You can also have more time on your hand as your VA takes care of all the nonessential things that you don’t have to actually do yourself. So, let go of your stress and let a VA handle it for you.

26. Take care of your own health

Too often we see business owners burning themselves out physically as they tend to their businesses. Their health rapidly deteriorates and comes from looking like a 25-year-old to a 50-year-old in just a span of several years.

Don’t let this happened to you and ask for a helping hand whenever you need it. VA’s will always be here for you.

27. A hand ready to help

Speaking of a helping hand, having a VA ensures that you always have an extra set of helping hands. You may be able to do well on your own at this stage of your business, but once you scale up, it’s going to get harder to manage all of it at once. Hence, having a VA is a huge help!

28. Feel less overwhelmed

While it may be hard to trust someone else to do your work at first, having a VA lifts a ton of weight off of your shoulders and keeps you from breaking down due to the tremendous amount of work that needs to be done. With less pressure, you can also be sure to be happier once again.

29. Take care of your emotional well-being

Speaking of being happier, we know it’s hard doing all these things by yourself. At times you may have even broken down either physically or emotionally. However, with VA’s, you will essentially have a support system or a clutch you can lean on when times get tough. Remember that VA’s are not your mere employees, rather they are your partners as independent contractors that will help you further expand your vision along the way!

Highly trained and competent

30. Diverse skills

Whether it’s for marketing, administrative tasks, or anything else that you need in your company, there will always be a VA with the right skill set for you. All you have to do is search for them online and carefully evaluate if they are a good fit for you.

31. Save training time…and costs

As already previously mentioned before, VA’s already have the set of skills you are looking for. Hence, there is literally no need to spend time, money, and effort to train them, unlike regular employees. Unless of course, your processes are highly specific for your company, then they will only require minimal instructions for them to help you more efficiently.

32. Complex skills

Don’t let the word “assistant” stop you from tapping into a VA’s skills fully. They have complex skills that range from transcription, social media marketing, and managing, to even highly specific product design and research skills and others that you will need in your company.

33. Global resource

Since VA’s work remotely, you can expect to hire from a diverse pool of talents from all around the world! You won’t have to worry about housing, transportation, or taxes that normally come with hiring workers internationally as they can help you anywhere they are.

34. Excellent communication

As mentioned above, VA’s work remotely and as such, you can expect them to have high technological capabilities especially when comes to communications apps and software such as Skype, emails, and any medium of communication that you prefer. With modern technology, distance is no longer an issue!

35. New perspectives

Since VA’s can come from all parts of the globe, you can expect to have fresh new perspectives from them. This in turn will help you keep a new outlook and broaden your ideas for your business.

36. Fills in the gaps

VA’s are flexible, and another way we mean that is that you can quite literally use VA’s to fill in any missing gaps in your workforce. Need someone to handle administrative tasks? You got it. Need someone to handle social media marketing? You got it. Almost any task can be filled in with a VA.

37. Reliability

Not only is VA’s flexible, but they are also reliable. You can expect them to always turn in their work on time, work during their paid hours instead of idling around, and essentially help you get the most out of what you’ve paid for.

38. Satisfied workers

As VA’s have their fixed schedule unlike full-time employees, they too can have a work-life balance. This leads to a more satisfied worker as they do not have to spend the entirety of their month just working alone and also creates a better atmosphere between the two of you.

39. Future-ready

Your VA can be there with you through thick and thin! They will help you grow your company and as time goes by, they will know exactly what your needs are and will make them an even better fit in your workforce.

As your business grows, you will have no need to rehire and retrain someone else to fill in the role that you need as your VA is already perfect and already knows all the ins and outs of your company!

40. Learn to build good relationships

VA’s often communicated and interact with you directly. This also helps train you in building rapport with others and teaches you how to get everyone else in on your vision. This is essential especially as you grow, you’re going to need even more connections.

Hassle-free hiring

41. No Background check needed!

As VA’s will come from respectable platforms and will often have testimonies of their past and current employers to go along with them, you can be confident that the VA you’re hiring is someone who has already been tried and tested time and again.

42. Quick hire

No need to conduct several stages of interviews when you can contact them directly once you found the perfect VA for you and establish a contract upon agreeing with the terms together.

43. Quick replacement

As easy as they are to hire, they are also easy to fire and replace if absolutely needed. For instance, if your VA suddenly wants to stop service, then you can easily end the contract according to the terms stated and find a new VA just as easily you’ve found them before.

44. Quick rehiring

Even if you let go of a VA, you can always hire them back later. Remember their contact details and contact them once again when you need them!

45. A great investment

Seeing all these great benefits and convenience of hiring as a VA, we can definitely conclude that they are a great investment. This is even more so if you are looking to invest in the long run. VA’s are there for you and actually grow by your side. So the longer you are with them the more proficient they become as being part of your company.

By also taking advantage of various VA platforms, you can quite literally hire an expert with a click of a mouse. So, make use of this when finding the ideal VA for you!

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