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5 Techniques to Expand your Social Media Following

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Many companies today are always looking for possible ways to increase their social media following. Why? Because having a good social media following essentially means that your advertisements and products are going to be well-known and will be able to reach their target customers more easily. This is also essentially equivalent to cutting down on costs from traditional media for promotion and advertisements like flyers, posters and etc.   

Who wouldn’t want to have their products go viral for positive reasons like in a video or a meme and grow a large fanbase right? Since most customers, today spend most of their time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this makes it the perfect stage to show off your products and reach a lot of clients! Growing a large social media following doesn’t have to be so hard, so here are five ways for you to expand your social media reach:


Use hashtags!

Using hashtags is perhaps the most basic and simplest way you can reach your target customers on social media. Hashtags are a great way to tie your content to a specific category in the vast open space of social media. This also makes it easier for clients/customers looking for specific products to see your content and follow you on social media. You can use various tools like to find the most suited hashtag in relation to your content. This is a quick way

for your target clients to easily find you and who knows, your hashtag might even become trending online! However, always remember to be careful when using hashtags especially in a world full of internet lingo that changes constantly. A hashtag may not always mean what you think it does to the general public on the internet. Too many businesses have committed this error in an attempt to become “in” or “hip” and ended up embarrassing their company name.  

Get your followers to share your content

Once you’ve gained a solid number of followers, the second step you can take is to simply ask them to share your content. Easy, right? Well, this is most often where some businesses fail as their content often gets ignored with a swipe even by their own followers. This is the reason why your content itself has to be great that your fans would think that it is worth sharing with their friends.

However, what content is worth sharing on social media? There are many forms of content with which you can advertise your products and it depends on your target customers. It may informational with great design and concise wring, or it may even be humorous in a way that paints your organization or products in a lighter way. Most companies like to go in either direction because it’s a good way to easily go viral. Once your content becomes worth sharing, you can let your fans do the rest as your content will spread like wildfire online.

Mark your online presence

Before all this, you have to also ask, does your company have a website, blog, email newsletter, or etc.? Well, this makes things a lot easier for you. Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier, you have to grow your social media presence online if you want to more easily reach your target audience, and having an established social media account or e-mail can make it easier for your fans and other potential clients to reach out and contact you. . ou can also interact more with your fans and build up your following even more easily.

Post consistently!

Once you’ve established your starting point in social media with an official account and a good number of followers, keeping and increasing them is your next top priority. Remember, you have to make your presence known online and make more people get to know you and your products. You can do this by constantly posting new share-worthy content and engaging with your fans by answering their questions online. Some companies even use humor and sarcasm when engaging with their fans online and it has made them go viral. Be careful though as excessive humor and lightheartedness can also negatively impact your brand. Post at least three times a week or even more so you don’t get left out of the loop or out of your follower’s minds because as they say, the public forgets quite easily. So, make your presence known by constantly reminding them of your brand through consistent quality content and by engaging with your fans online.

Online giveaways!

This is probably the most fun way you can engage and hype up your followers online. Giving them a form of reward for sticking with you and for helping you expand your number of followers is a great way to build trust and loyalty with your followers online. This also keeps them coming back for more. However, do make sure that your contest/giveaway rules, requirements, and prizes are clear and easily understandable. No one wants to join a contest or promo that they don’t understand, right? So, make it clear because while contest/giveaways are a good way to engage with your audience, it can also backfire and affect you negatively.

These are the tips and tricks that you can use to expand your company’s reach online. I hope that these will prove useful for you and for your future endeavors.

While it may be exhausting for you to keep up and build up an online presence with your current resources, I will be more than happy to assist you with that.

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