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7 Things That Prevent You from Getting More Clients

Getting clients for any business, especially those online is essential to keep ourselves afloat. Having more clients will also make our business thrive and even allow us to expand our services and reach future clients. Hence, making sure we get a steady stream of clients is essential for any business especially for virtual assistants (VA) too.

Yet, as you and many other business owners out here have already experienced, why is this so hard to secure more clients or even get new clients in the first place? You are not alone in this struggle. In fact, there are many others like you out there wondering about the same thing right now.

So if you’re wondering what’s holding you back from getting more clients, and what you should avoid or stop doing, then you came to the right place. Here are some of the things that are preventing you from getting more clients:

Lack of clarity

There are times when we think our product/service descriptions or advertisements are clear enough even when it’s not. So double-check right now and ask yourself, “Is it clear enough?”

Put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. They wouldn’t know any deep industry jargon and they’ll most likely only spare a few minutes reading up on what you have to offer. If they don’t understand within that time frame, they move on to the next.

This is why you need to be specific and clear on what you have to offer to clients. Make it understandable and comprehensible at first read so they will be interested and know that you are exactly what they are looking for!

Lack of direction

When we are offering our products and services to clients, we often get into the habit of “Selling features” rather than “Selling the outcome” to the clients. This is because we think that offering them as many features as possible within the deal, makes it more appealing for them as they will “Get more” of what they paid for.

This isn’t exactly terrible, but what we shouldn’t neglect is to sell the outcome as well. This is what the clients came here for in the first place. So the outcome or result of our service/product should always take priority.

Lack of confidence

In relation to lack of clarity, another thing that might cause and a lack of new clients might be the lack of confidence. If you are not confident enough with the products or services you can offer, then you will not be confident enough to sell them to clients!

So know your craft well, and pitch it confidently to new and potential clients who might benefit from your work!

Another thing to remember is that even if you are good at what you do, if you are not confident enough when it comes to communicating with clients, then you will also most likely sell yourself short when negotiating prices.

Lack of guaranteed quality

For some people, the lack of confidence and clarity might also stem from the fact that they know that they cannot guarantee a high quality of work and service. This may simply be due to the lack of knowledge and skill in the area, and in this case, we recommend honing your skills first until you reach a level where you are confident enough to put yourself out there.

Another potential reason might be that they are biting more than what they can chew. This means offering more products and services way above or beyond what you can actually do just so you can secure more clients.

In this case, narrowing down your products and services to the things you are most confident and knowledgeable in will make things a lot easier for you.

Lack of stand-out features

While playing it safe and offering what you can do best is the best for when you are starting out, when you do reach a point where you know you can do a specific task better than the average VA out there, then you must let your clients know.

No skill or service is too trivial out there. If you are confident that you are better at something or you have a product or service that makes you unique among your competitors, then you must use it to your advantage.

You wouldn’t want to be forever lost in a sea of other business owners out there now, do you?

Lack of sales talk

You see, no matter how great we are at what we do, if we don’t know how to sell ourselves well, then nothing good will come out of it Once we are confident enough about our products and services, then we must be able to negotiate well enough to sell ourselves well

We must be able to convince our potential clients that our products and services are worth buying and returning. Having a timid demeanor when speaking to clients can often come off as a lack of confidence or certainty that you can get the job done for them. Therefore, you want to be able to convince them that you are the right person for the job.

Lack of ways to handle objections

You see, things are not always going to go our way. There may be lots of times wherein we might face objections or even rejections from clients. This is okay and a part of growing as a business owner. What’s important is that we know how to handle ourselves after such events and we stand back up once again.


These are the seven things that are preventing you from getting more clients. Do any of them sound relatable? Well if there are several, then now you know that you must avoid them at all costs and start changing things up for the better.

Simply follow these tips and lessons and you can turn your business around for the better. You can also start to see more clients begin to pour in and support your business and make you thrive!

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