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Building Client Relationships

Clients are our life sources as Virtual Assistants (VA). Getting one is hard enough, but keeping clients is another matter. We all know the hardships that we go through every time we meet and strike a deal with new clients from all the paper works, communication, and setting up, it’s all hard work.

The worst part? You’re not even guaranteed to make the final deal with the client.

This is why building rapport with clients is a must for us VA’s. By building rapport, you are not merely some faceless service provider or a tool for them to advance their business. You become a partner who will guide you every step of the way.

Hence, here are some tips you can use to build a meaningful business relationship with your clients:

Personalize it

It can be quite tempting to just copy and paste the same responses to different clients or to automate your email responses to them, but personalizing the way you interact with your clients can go a long way.

Personalizing doesn’t have to be hard! You simply have to be sincere with the way you interact with them and put in a little bit of effort to make sure you let them know that you are personally doing things and going the extra mile for them.

In essence, make it about them, and make your service to them a memorable experience!

Reach out

Speaking of making it about them, one way you can further bank on this is by reaching out to them as much as possible or needed. You see, different clients require different amounts of communication. Some like to communicate more than others.

So, make sure to always reach out to communicate with your clients and to keep them posted on the progress of their projects with you.

Build trust

Now when you regularly communicate with them clearly and make their experience with you worth it, you may also build trust. We all know that trust is the foundation of any business transaction and being a VA is business itself.

You are selling your products and services to a customer or client. As such, you and the client need to have a certain level of trust in each other especially during the first stages of establishing a contract. This is why many VA’s fail to get past the first stages or did not get a permanent client because of the lack of complete trust, especially from the client’s side.

Learn to prioritize

Now on to the work side things. When you first establish a contract with a client and as you progress along in their project getting deeper and deeper into the ins and outs of a client’s company, there will be more things for you to do. You will be entrusted with a lot more things than when you first started.

As such, you need to learn to prioritize and get things done more efficiently. By doing this, the client becomes more satisfied with your work and is more likely to come back and stay.

Talk with them

Finally, and probably the simplest way of them all is to simply start a conversation. By having a conversation with your client, you accomplish most of the things already mentioned before. You not only build rapport, but you also build trust while reaching out all at the same time.

While you don’t have to know every single detail about their lives, you can regularly make some small talk and interact with them to lighten up the atmosphere and make them less tense when communicating with you.

In conclusion, building a relationship of trust and confidence with your clients is vital for your long-term sustainability as a VA. You need to make sure that you always treat your clients right and make them put their complete trust in you.

In this way, you can build a more stable and thriving career as a VA with lots of long-term clients.

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