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Creating a Business to Increase Your Income

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but we all know just how important it is, especially for meeting our basic needs. Having money solves a lot of our problems and can make sure we always have food on the table for our family. This is why we always need a way to earn more money...

One of the ways many people are doing it nowadays is through a business that offers a service. Whether it’s online or if you have a physical shop is completely up to you. However, It’s easier said than done. We all must start somewhere and most of the time that means not having earnings immediately, but once we pull it off, we’re guaranteed a stable source of income.

So how do we build a service business that can even potentially earn us up to $$$ per month?

Plan everything out #planeverythingout

This is where everything should start out. Know what kind of business you want to make, who your target audiences are, how you plan to reach them, and everything else you need to make your business succeed.

You also need to plan your next steps ahead of time. Know where you plan to take your business. Do you want to add more branches? Do you want to offer more services? Will you hire others to help you out? Answer all the difficult questions ahead of time and you’ll find yourself being more decisive should the moment come.

You should also plan what your targets are going to be every month and how you’re going to reach them. Invest in the right things that will help your business grow!

Create value #createvalue

Value is what every business has to offer. You can derive value by making something easier for other people, or by providing products that are unique and useful to other people. Make sure that everything you put out there has value for your target audience.

For instance, just because you wrote an entire essay under your Instagram post, doesn’t mean it’s automatically valuable to your audience. Instead, posting something such as helpful guides, infographics, advertisements for your business, etc., would be more valuable as your audience can pick up something new from it!

Engage and communicate well #engagewell

Chasing after and sending cold DMs to your target audience might make sense at first, but in the long run, it’s gonna take a lot of time and the results may not always be worth it as some might get annoyed or think that you’re a scam instead.

So what can we do instead? How can we get more people interested in our content online?

The right kind of engagement is the key. What we mean by this is that we must strategize our engagement online. You can choose to engage with your followers, people you think would be interested in your service, and even with your competitors!

BY strategizing your engagement, you gain more favorable results and build a sense of credibility as you don’t just spam your link everywhere on other people’s posts and appear desperate.

Convert DMs to leads #leadgeneration

Often, when you post an ad about your business’ products and services, there will be people who will message you to learn more about it. They will inquire about the prices, the other rates, the quality of the products/services, etc. Don’t take them for granted!

Too often have we seen people saying they regret not taking these chances when they had it. You see, these messages in your inbox are great leads! They are often a great opportunity to gain new clients. To learn more about how you can convert these leads into customers and you’ll gain an additional stream of new clients!


These are the tips and steps you can take to create a business that’s sure to earn you an income despite these trying times. Not all businesses succeed as there are a lot of errors made especially by new business owners who often don’t know what they are doing wrong. Luckily for you, that won’t be the case anymore after this article. Now, you simply need to stick to your vision when you start a business and follow these tips to ensure that everything will be a success!

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