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Five body language Tips to Look More Confident

Self-confidence can take us a long way in our lives. Whether it’s in the social aspect or the career aspect of our lives. You see, self-confidence can allow us to take more opportunities coming our way than if we were to have doubts in ourselves.

You can be the most competent person in the room or you can be the one in the highest position, but if you lack self-confidence, then it doesn’t matter. How we say things to a room full of people or even just to another person can be just as important or even more important than what we say.

In line with this, our body language can affect how we deliver our thoughts and messages to other people. Body language can affect whether we convey ourselves properly and confidently in front of others and determine whether we are effective communicators or not.

So with all that being said, let’s learn some of the most effective body language tips recommended by experts and apply them to ourselves!

Fix your posture #fixposture

Posture is one of the key things you have to work on if you want to have better body language. Between a person who is slouching and a person who is standing upright with their spine straight and their shoulders apart, who do you think looks more confident? Of course, the answer is the latter.

So always mind their posture and stand up straight with your shoulders apart and look more assertive. This not only makes you look more confident, but it also decreases the risk of any spine or back problems that you may have due to improper posture.

Practice eye contact #eyecontact

Eye contact can be one of the most difficult things for some people to do, especially if you are introverted. Prolonged eye contact also makes other people feel more intimidated by other people. However, it is undeniable that eye contact is also one of the key elements if you want to have more confidence.

It's all about balance because maintaining the right amount of proper eye contact can help you gauge the response of the other person to that you are talking. It also makes the conversation less awkward and makes the other person listen to you more as you seem more confident in what you are talking about.

Mind your hands #handgestures

Our hand gestures are often overlooked whenever we have a conversation with other people. Hands can also indicate how confident we are in ourselves whenever we communicate with other people. For example, keeping your hands hidden and crossing your arms in front of your chest can signal to other people that you're feeling defensive or nervous.

So keep your hands and palms open with your arms relaxed, and you can use your arms and hands to make yourself look even more confident. Use gestures with your hands to emphasize what you are saying and you will look even more assertive and confident in what you are talking about.

Articulate yourself well #articulateyourself

If you want to sound even more confident, then you must articulate your words well. Articulating your words well makes you even more coherent and brings more clarity to what you are saying. Articulating your words while they prevent you from stuttering or mumbling, which will make you appear less confident as well.

Along with articulating what you want to say well, a confident person must also remember to not say things they don't need to. This is because oversharing can be a sign of nervousness and a lack of confidence.

You must also remember to not only speak well, but also to listen well. Give a chance for others to speak and respond kindly to their thoughts and ideas.

Calm your nerves #calmyournerves

We all get nervous. It's a normal reaction of our human body, after all. Especially if we face difficulty or when we are in unfamiliar situations. It's hard to control or to calm down our nerves, but it is certainly possible.

It's vital that we learn how to control our nerves because even when we are unaware of it, our nervousness shows on our faces. This can be in the form of sweating, avoiding eye contact, and many more.

So how do we calm our nerves down? The easiest way you can do this is to simply take slow, deep breaths. This can stabilize our breathing because more often than not when we are nervous, we are also breathing in and out faster which only makes our nervousness worse.


All in all, these are the most helpful tips you can use in order to make yourself look more confident. We understand that confidence is not built overnight, but there are steps that we can take to make ourselves closer to being more confident in what we do and say.

Simply practice these tips and you will be one step closer to being more confident and self-assured in everything that you do, whether it's for work, for your social life, or for your family life.

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