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Grow Your Business with Virtual Assistants

Being an entrepreneur is far from being fun. The idea of building your own empire like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates drives you for the first few months, but once you hang around for much longer, you realize just how much the toll was on your body and mind.

Working tirelessly until you dropped may feel like you’re devoted to your goal, but as I’ve experienced it, it only feels like trapping yourself in an endless cycle of working, sleeping, working, and sleeping.

You’ll barely have enough time for yourself let alone bonding with friends, family, and even with your significant other. It was only at this moment that I realized just how much this has taken away.

Finding your perfect match Virtual Assistants (VA’s) was the key to all of my problems, and to this day, it remains t be one of the best solutions I’ve ever made.

Want to learn how to grow your business with virtual assistants? Here are some steps you’ll need to follow before getting a VA:

1. Where to find a virtual assistant

Not all sources of virtual assistants are created equal. Some link you to untrained VA’s that might not always be to your liking, but some connect you to the exact VA that you need.

Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Outsource Monkey make hunting for a VA easier and hassle-free. Upwork on the other hand makes it even easier as they can train a VA for you and show you their previous job reviews and resumes. Do note that they will take a 20% cut off your payment to your VA though.

2. Prepare documents and make note of everything

Document everything. No matter how insignificant it may seem, no matter how mundane and repetitive it is, record everything that you do in your company. Make note of any special instructions needed for any department or machine operations.

If you can, make note of each step of the processes that are followed within your company. This will make it easier for you to integrate a VA into your main operations.

3. Prioritize which tasks to delegate first

Prioritize which tasks that only you can do and what tasks you want others to do for you. Your VA might not be a perfect copy of yourself from the start, but if you give them time to ease in and develop the necessary skills, you can rely on them a lot.

This is why at the beginning, you must delegate to them the tasks you want to rid yourself of the most. This may be answering all your emails, calling clients, or even making presentations. Any mundane task which serves no major purpose in advancing your company can be delegated to your VA.

Now, once they ease in and have thoroughly read all your company’s instructions, you can start delegating more complex tasks to them to help you.

4. Monitor and track growth

Your VA can certainly grow and develop by itself. However, being with them for awhile to guide and monitor their progress speeds up their growth exponentially.

Allow them to grow and develop bit by bit starting from small, easy tasks to more complex tasks such as administrative ones. Guide them through valuable feedbacks, clear instructions, and by giving them more motivation to help you even better.

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