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Having a Virtual Assistant for Bookkeeping

Every business needs someone to manage its taxes and other financial concerns. Someone has to manage all the technical aspects that come with it. So, it is undeniable that to achieve business success, you need someone capable of doing the bookkeeping for you and your company.

It can be yourself, but there’s a limit to how unoccupied you can be to have time to manage all these things especially if they have a deadline. So when do you know it’s time for you to get a Virtual Assistant (VA) to do your bookkeeping?

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is tax season too stressful?

  • Do I have lots of unsent invoices?

  • Does my business have an increase in sales, but not in profit?

  • Am I organized enough with my receipts?

  • Am I being overcharged from my current bookkeeping service?

  • Are these bookkeeping tasks keeping me away from doing things that really matter for my business?

As your business grows, so does the amount of work you have to do to keep everything organized in your business. It’s normal for the majority of business owners to feel overwhelmed by all the sudden responsibilities that they have to do now. However, there’s always a solution to every problem, and that is hiring VA’s!

Having a VA for bookkeeping

We know it’s hard to trust somebody else to do your finances for you and even more so if it’s somebody you haven’t seen personally and if it’s about your business. However, just as there are different professionals for our different needs such as doctors to treat our illnesses and dentists for oral problems, there are also professionals out there willing to help you out with your problems.

Readiness for tax season

As business owners when tax season arrives, it’s a common scenario for us to barely have the time to handle our finances. It may be due to an upcoming project, deadline, or anything else that matters more for the growth of the company.

Before you know it, you are already met with a mountain of paperwork you need to handle immediately or else you will be in trouble.

Having a VA changes the story. As they can help you prepare for the tax season well before it arrives!

Updated reports

As your VA can always keep you constantly prepared for any financial responsibility, they are also in charge of making sure your financial reports are updated for you and your company. You can always be sure that they will submit the necessary documents that you need on time.

With this, you are able to get a better idea of the financial status of your company. This then enables you to make better decisions for your business!

Save money

This might come as a surprise, but hiring a VA is actually more cost-effective than hiring a traditional bookkeeper!

Unlike the latter, VA’s only have to get paid for the exact amount of time it took to complete the tasks you assigned to them. This allows you to save more money in the long run.

Save Time

Aside from saving money, the most important thing you can save is time. It is the most precious resource after all. When you delegate tasks to others, you are not only saving time for yourself but also the energy you would have spent on it otherwise.

This enables you to have more time and energy to complete the tasks that truly matter to your business.


What sets big business owners apart from others is the way they delegate tasks and manage their time and energy. Why spend a whole week doing mundane tasks when you could be out there strategizing, forming partnerships, and improving your business, right?

This is why VA’s have such an important role in helping businesses grow. So if you think you’re ready to hire a VA, we are here to help you!

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