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How Can You Become A Freelance VA?

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

For starters, we need to define what is a VA. It stands for Virtual Assistant. As a VA, you get to start your own business offering your services such as creative, administrative, and/ or technical support services for any type of business. These services can be divided into two types depending on what type of VA that you are whether you are a general VA or a specialized VA.

What might be the task of general VA’s and why do they need to be performed? General VA’s tend to deal with but are not limited to tasks like social media managing, graphics, blogging, content creation, web design, and many more.

Sounds fun, right? Especially if what you are doing is part of your passion, but if it isn’t, then don’t worry! Not everyone starts off as an expert. Even those who are adept in this field took their time to get used to it, so go ahead and pursue the opportunity offered to you. You never know how much of a help you can be a business owner or a manager.

This brings us to why would someone need a VA. As businesses grow, time literally becomes gold it becomes so valuable that you can only dedicate yourself to performing the utmost important tasks. This is why VA’s are important and being a VA offers a wide array of benefits as you can get more tasks and activities done without having to worry about your schedule, appointments, or anything that can take your focus away from more urgent things.

However, you may ask, “Where on Earth am I going to find my clients?” Well, as a VA, you work as an independent contractor meaning you have all the freedom that you can get! You can set your own time, the rate per hour, and the weekly schedule, and see if you and an employer can meet a mutual agreement beneficial to both of you.

So now you’ve learned almost all there is about being a freelance VA. All that’s left now is to go out there, and give it your best shot!

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