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How to Ace Your Interview

Going to an interview is always nerve wracking. You just go in there in that room full of people waiting to ask you difficult questions and hope that your weeks of practice, reviews, and mock interviews can save you. You hope that you’ve read and prepared an answer for every question that there is.

We’ve all done it before, right? Sitting there on the bench waiting nervously for your name to be called trying to recall that “Top 10 Interview Questions” that you’ve read last night and quietly rehearsing every answer you’ve prepared from your posture to your intonation at every word.

However, no matter how much we prepare especially for our first interview, there will always be some loopholes we’ve forgotten to cover. That’s why it’s no use squeezing yourself with anxiety every time you have an interview.

Interviews come in many different forms. Some are traditional with you submitting your profile to the HR department, being called for an interview, and then waiting again for you to be accepted. However, some companies especially in countries like the UK and America, have turned to a more efficient solution -- digital interviews.

You don’t even have to be physically in the office anymore because they can now interview you right from the comfort of your own home! While a majority of the factors that’ll get you in the company still lies in your experience and skill, some recruiters also take into consideration your social media presence. So, get your LinkedIn account set up and build a professional looking social media presence to impress the HR department!

Usually, they not only consider what productive value you’ll add to the company as what we’ve been led to believe, because most companies whether you believe it or not, also consider what kind of culture you’ll bring or add into their work environment!

For example, who do you think will get the job if two applicants of equal skills and experience applied for the same job with one being a part-time gym and motivational coach, and the other being someone with a record of squabbling with their coworkers? The former of course. You know that he/she will add not only professional value but also a great working environment for everyone else as well.

Going back to doing actual interviews, what should we do? Should we rehearse the top 100 interview questions before we get interviewed? Or shall we do lots of breathing exercises? Well, breathing exercises work, but what you should really aim to do is be impactful and memorable.

This sounds easier than done, right? Well, here are some things you can do to achieve it:

Master your delivery

Let’s be honest, the interviewer isn’t going to remember every word that you say to them. In fact, they may not even be listening to your answer at all! What they’re really listening to is how you deliver your answer. This deals with your posture, voice, intonation, and other subtleties which hint at whether you’re feeling confident or not about what you are saying.

Do small talk

Most of the time the interviewer will ask you mundane questions at the start such as things like the weather, traffic, and so on. Don’t miss this chance! This may just be a formality, but if you turn it to your advantage by speaking confidently and even returning the question while being genuinely curious, your interview will be a smooth ride! Initiating and having fun with small talks allows you to relax and let go of all your nervousness which could have caused you to slip up otherwise.

Mind your body language

As mentioned above, subtle things like your posture, body language, and tone of voice can give a lot of information about you. If you shake and stutter during your interview the recruiters will definitely be put off by it. However, if you just smile and answer with poise every time, your charisma should flow along. This will make you more memorable to the interviewers in a good way.

In conclusion, the type of people that get hired the most aren’t necessarily the ones that are most skilled, but they are the ones who can show the recruiters just how skilled they really are and deliver an impactful performance in their interview. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for that upcoming interview of yours, remember all of this, and ace that interview!

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