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How to Communicate Online More Efficiently

It can be quite confusing trying to figure out how relationships work online. Whether it’s platonic, romantic, or professional relationships, not a lot of people have figured out exactly how to navigate online relationships. It can be tough to measure and feel how “close” or “distant” we should seem and how we should interact with other people in this other medium of communication.

Luckily for you, I am here to help you figure it out!

Spark a conversation #sparkconversation

Very rarely would other people initiate a conversation with you online and even in real life. So what you need to do is to spark a beginning of a conversation and entice your audience or the other person to reply to it.

For one-to-one conversation, it can be as simple as asking how their day went or how they are feeling. For a professional page or brand, it can be setting up a Q&A session with your followers and letting them interact with your posts. This boosts your engagement with them and makes your page appear more in other people’s timelines or feeds with the help of the algorithm.

Respond #respond

Communication goes both ways. You probably already know how it feels to be left on seen and be ghosted a lot of times by other people. Sometimes by clients and sometimes even by people you cared about. So let’s not let other people feel the same thing! .

Always respond to your messages sent to you as soon as possible and interact with the comments on your posts to let your audience know that you actually want to communicate with them. After all, what’s the point of having them engage with your content if you don’t respond to them as well right?

Listen well #listenwell

As mentioned before, both parties should be able to play a part when it comes to communication. Now when we have a conversation with the people we care about, we make sure that they get to speak their side first before responding.

The same applies to online communication. Don’t butt in with another topic while the other person is still typing their thoughts. This is the same logic as letting your friend finish talking before speaking as well.

Be patient

Having lots of engagement online doesn’t happen overnight! Be patient and follow the processes and you can be sure to grow both your following and engagement in no time. Build more connections and let them grow stronger with time as you communicate more efficiently.

Be genuine #begenuine

No matter how bleak things may seem, your sincerity will always reach your audience. So make sure to always be genuine in every interaction that you have and don’t fake your interest in communicating with your audience!

Some businesses also use auto-reply bots to handle a larger amount of clients, but as a rule of thumb, make sure to always communicate with your clients personally most of the time as this shows how committed you are to your business and brand!


Communicating and building relationships online doesn’t have to be harder than it is in real life. In fact, you can even make it easier when it comes to online relationships as you don’t have to be physically present at every place for every client or person you speak to online. Just remember to follow these tips especially if you want to build a long-lasting relationship with clients and gain more engagement with your brand’s social media pages.

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