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How to Earn Money On the Go

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Everybody dreams of being able to make a living while also doing things that they want. To most of us, it is being on the road, exploring new sites, meeting new people and many more. However, did you know that you don’t have to be in an office job to make the money that you need to fund your traveler’s dreams?

Vlog and Blogs

Have you noticed how many Instagram influencers are able to go to many places in the world and just seem unbothered by layman responsibilities such as having to go to work at 7:00 AM? Or how YouTubers simply film their weekend getaway and still manage to rack up thousands of dollars on average? The answer lies in what they do, or simply what their audience came by on their channels to see—a documented experience at a certain place. So, next time you go to a new hiking trip or go to a new city, try having your camera with you and start addressing your future subscribers or you could also start writing a blog for a more well-written experience.

Work on your passion

This might sound cliché, but it is true especially with the power of the internet. Anybody can get paid for just about anything on the internet as long as you find the right audience to appeal to, but stick to the more common and safer ones to avoid falling into traps because just as there are many opportunities on the web, there are also many of those who try to take advantage.

You might not believe it, but well-known careers such as law, accounting, and management can also be practiced online. The biggest industries include: Transcription, Social Media Management, Accounting, Virtual Assistants, Editors, and many more.

Have a non-full time job

As you would want to spend as much time as possible for traveling, having a full-time job is out of the question. However, jobs that don’t require you to have a full-time position such as those of management, guest services, and maintenance give you ample time and money for you to continue your travels.

These careers and activities can help you fund yourself and be self-sufficient as you continue to enjoy your travels, but don’t just quit your current job immediately try to find a compromise with your superiors. See if you can maintain your job and still be on your way in your travels.

Having a problem with how to start? Contact now and let me help you.

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