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How To Easily Find the Perfect Marketing Assistant

The to-do list for marketing is a bottomless pit. Just when you think you’re done with all your tasks, three new ones pop up. Perhaps it’s a new email engagement, new content, or simply a new post. We know it’s hard, and most of the time there are just too many for us to handle alone especially as business owners.

As entrepreneurs, our time can quite literally be equal to money. With all the different tasks that will take our time, a helping hand will be of great help. Hence, hiring someone who can lift the burden off your shoulders makes sense.

This is where marketing assistants come in. They can help create, spread, and further develop promotional materials for your company. This can help establish your brand in the market. Luckily for you, we are here to teach you how to easily find the perfect marketing assistant!

Writing the Best Description and Qualifications

This is the part where you need to set yourself apart. Using templates are good and all, but they can be too generic. Remember that these people are aware of the trends. You need to describe exactly what they need to do in your company, what kind of environment they can expect, and of course what you are as a company.

To get the right people for the job, you need to list their responsibilities, so they know what to expect along with the requirements needed for the job. This helps entice the right people for the job and keep them interested in reading the job description that you’ve prepared.

To do this, you need to first describe the following clearly:

  • Office culture, and quality of work expected.

  • A company overview, and your company principles.

  • Responsibilities they need to perform.

Most of the time, you will also need to be specific about the responsibilities they need to perform. Such as:

  • Develop marketing campaigns.

  • Execute marketing strategies.

  • Report on marketing performance.

  • Coordinating with clients.

  • Coordinating with various departments.

  • Providing support for team members and other departments.

  • Assist with social media and other online contents

  • Making and updating spreadsheets with company data

  • Being aware of the latest trends in marketing.

On the other hand, the requirements you need to set will make it clear to applicants whether they are qualified for the job or not. The requirements you set have to also be specific to your company’s needs such as:

  • Time management skills.

  • A college degree relevant to this field.

  • A set amount of experience working.

  • Proficiency in using tools such as excel and spreadsheets.

  • Excellent writing and oral skills.

You may add or remove things from this list as what you need and require varies between companies. Be sure to tailor your description to the best of your company’s needs.

The Qualities of a Marketing Assistant to Watch Out for

Once you’ve made the tasks they need to carry out along with its requirements clear, you will also need to watch out for several qualities you want your marketing assistant to have like:

  • Being organized

  • Having time management skills

  • Motivation

  • Attention to organization and detail

  • Ability to use basic social media, email, and other marketing tools.

  • Multi-tasking abilities

  • Capability of social media analytics and ad campaigns

  • Scheduling and automation of platforms

  • Connection and engaging with influencers

  • Engaging with clients

  • Creation of landing pages and blog management.

These are just some of the qualities to watch out for as you hire your new marketing assistant. Be sure to take note of it and find it amongst your applicants.

Hence, once you finally hire the perfect marketing assistant that fits all of your criteria, you should show them the ropes around your company as soon as you can. Teach them the basics and introduce them to your team and other departments that they’ll need to closely work with.

You may have them attend an onboarding program, tell them the DO’s and DON’T’s of the company, and tell them how to quickly communicate with you should there be any concerns.

Soon enough, you’ll start reaping the benefits of hiring a competent marketing assistant and you can see your brand’s value increase more than ever!

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