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How to Find Your Ideal Client

Fun fact: as a VA, only 20% of your client will actually contribute to 80% of your total income and that’s okay! These clients are your top priority clients who are also a regular of your services.

However, what sets these clients apart? Well, these clients are your so-called “ideal” clients meaning they synergize with each other’s work style really well. Not every client is ideal, but if you can get more ideal clients, then your income is bound to increase as more clients can come rushing in and staying by your side.

Here are some ways you can find and identify your ideal client:

List what services you can offer

Always think from the client’s perspective. If you are the customer yourself, of course, the first thing you will ask is, “How will this benefit me?”. Identifying your services make it easier for you to determine who are your target clients. Having done so can help you tell them more sincerely how you can ease any of their pains or hassle.

Identify your target clients

Once you know what services you can offer, determine what kind of people will need your services. You need to know who needs those kinds of services the most. Are they business managers? Startup founders? Or anything else? Will they need my services? These are some of the questions you need to ask.

Know your clients’ characteristics

It might also be helpful to create a demographic chart of just who your clients are based on the information that you already know about them. Be sure to include only information that you actually need such as the nature of their work, age, or even their gender if necessary. Do not include any private information such as the names of their companies without permission.

Once you have the information that you need, you can then narrow down what characteristics these clients share.

Know their behavior

We all have our own preferences. There are VA’s that prefer to have a close and friendly relationship with their clients while there are those that like to behave as professionally as possible and there are also those that are in between.

Determine what kind of behavior you like from your clients and start looking out for them when you have new clients.

Know their career and purchasing power

If you can, then it would also be helpful if you know what type of careers your clients have. This will tell a lot about what kind of services they can afford and for how long as well. You can even adjust your pricing to suit the needs of your ideal clients.

Do it all again

Since you already have a good idea by now who or what your ideal client is, they may test and improve your service offerings to better suit your ideal clients.

By using the information you’ve gathered so far, you can then manipulate your marketing for your brand to specifically target the ideal client of your choice. This is a win on both sides as you gain more clients that are ideal for you while they get more satisfaction from your services and products as you know exactly what their tastes are in general.

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