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How to Free Yourself from Feeling Stuck

If you have felt stuck before, then worry not because you are not alone! We’ve all felt it in our lives at least once. We may have felt stuck in our careers with no promotion in sight, stuck in a loveless relationship, stuck in a place we don’t like, or stuck with people we despise.

It’s a common experience, and we’ve all been there at one point in our lives, but what’s important is how we get ourselves through such situations.

However, for some people, it may start to feel like we’re not progressing at all. We start to look at ourselves a year or even ten years ago and may feel like nothing much has changed even after all this time.

This is why we need a way for us to free ourselves from feeling stuck and luckily for you, here are some of the tips you’ll need in order to free yourself from this spiral:

Reflect deeply #reflectdeeply

Sometimes the best answers can be found within ourselves. There are usually some common things that are causing us to feel as if we’re perpetually stuck inside a situation and these things can include things such as limiting thoughts, self-deprecating behavior, uncontrollable circumstances, and negative emotions.

These things can be caused by many things happening in our lives. We may experience one or two of them or even all of them at the same time.

We must reflect and understand why we are feeling these kinds of things in our lives. Otherwise, we may leave it festering in the back of our heads. This will only leave us feeling more stuck as time goes by.

Express how you truly feel #expresshowyoutrulyfeel

It’s easy enough for us to mope around and wallow in despair cursing how everything in our lives has been stuck for a long time, but what can make the difference is how we deal with it. Whether we keep it bottled up or if we express ourselves and deal with it healthily.

How do we express ourselves?

There are two primary ways you can do this. You can either express yourself by speaking and saying how you feel out loud, or you can write your feelings in something like a journal or diary...

The first one requires you to verbalize your feelings that are related to why you are feeling stuck in life. Saying things like, “ I am frustrated”, “I am disappointed”, or “I am angry” can help you better acknowledge your inner feelings and assist you in dealing with them in a healthier way.

Still, not all of us are great at verbalizing our emotions nor do we have somebody aside from ourselves to listen to us at all times. So another way is by writing a journal or diary. Express how you feel free on these pieces of paper and write the full details if you want. In this way, you will be able to really flesh out your emotions and identify the root causes of your emotions.

Change your perspective #changeperspective

The way we see things can actually influence our reality. The way we think, feel and act influences how our lives are turning out to be. Change is constantly happening in our lives and new obstacles keep on challenging us and it’s up to us whether we challenge our limits and live better lives.

If we constantly judge ourselves and limit ourselves by standards of the past, then we’re never going to be able to move on. The same thing is true when we invalidate all our new achievements and choose to lock ourselves in self-criticism. This cuts off any growth we might experience in our lives.

Take action #takeaction

Now, after recognizing how you feel, expressing how you feel, and changing your perspective in life, one more thing that you can do is to take action.

When we start taking action, this is when we produce actual results as the fruit of our labors. By doing the steps above, we sweep out the majority of the things that may hinder us along the way.

Once we abandon all disempowering behaviors and start taking the initiative to take action, real change happens.

For instance, we start recognizing that we are unhappy with our jobs and start looking for something better for ourselves. Once we start knowing how toxic other people are towards us, we can finally start taking action and cutting them off from our lives. Another one is when we start believing in ourselves and choose to ignore all the voices telling us that we are not good enough, we start doing things that allow us to improve even more.


In order to move on from feeling stuck, we must first reflect on ourselves, recognize our emotions, express ourselves, change our perspectives for the better, and take action, we will be able to move on and free ourselves from feeling stuck. Now, all it takes is for us to take the first steps and free ourselves from whatever spiral that has left us feeling stuck.

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