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How to Get The Right Clients on Instagram

As freelancers, we have to run our own businesses by ourselves. This means that we have to do everything by ourselves. This includes not only doing the work by ourselves but also getting ourselves out there by advertising our freelance work. By getting ourselves out there, we make it known to many clients that we are here to provide something that they need.

One of the most accessible ways we can advertise ourselves and our work is through social media. Among the many kinds of social media sites, Instagram is one of the most effective ways you can get your name out there to be seen by many potential clients. Hence, you need to know how you can effectively make use of this website to get noticed by the right clients.

So how do we make use of Instagram as a tool to help us get the right or high-paying clients? Here are some tips you can use:

Solidify your brand message

Not many people know the importance of having a solid brand image. However, having a solid brand image can help clients know what you and your services are in just a glance. On the other hand, having a vague brand message can make it difficult for clients to stick with you or know what you are offering as a service right away.

This can put off a lot of potential clients and you wouldn't want this for you and your brand. So solidifying your brand image is your first step.

Do you solidify your brand image? You have to ask yourself some questions.These questions can include things such as what do I want clients to know when they look at my profile? How can my posts reflect my brand image or message? Or will they be convinced to hire my services once they see my page? These are some of the key questions you need to answer in order to solidify your brand image.

Don’t lose leads

So once there are clients interested to work with you, you should always make sure to give your best efforts to keep them interested. The last thing you want to do is to leave them on sent or read on the direct messages (DM’s) and make it seem like you don't care about them. This can push away a lot of potential clients and a lot of income for you and your brand.

You see, no one is going to approach you if they don't know that you are someone who can solve their problems for them. So once they reach out to you and you have direct communication with a potential client, then you must deliver the clear message that you are someone that they can trust to solve their problems.

Another way you can do this is by simply replying or responding to comments or replies on your Instagram posts to make them feel welcomed and more likely to avail of your services.

Create niche content

Another important part of growing your content and page on Instagram as well as a part of your branding is to have niche content. Creating posts following a certain niche, or offering services in the same area can make your following grow more organically.As you will gain followers who need that kind of service. As they say, you need quality over quantity. So by posting relevant content and services only people who find your content and services relevant will start to follow you, share your posts, and will interact with your posts more consistently.

Having your own niche can also have your clients stick around with you for a lot longer as they feel that your page or services are offering something for them specifically.

Pitch your offer at the right times

This is especially true if you're offering a service that is particularly unique or belongs to a certain niche. You shouldn't hound your potential clients with your offers every single day and their emails or in their direct messages. This will make you look like spam and will more likely get you ignored.

Once you have reached out to them, it's either they will be the ones who will reach out to you first, or you can simply send them a direct message first and then tell them that you are ready and available should they need your service.

Present success stories

Last, but definitely not the least effective tip that you can use is that you can showcase success stories. It doesn't matter how big or how small the success story is, as long as that story involves you helping an individual solve their problems. It can be a story where you help someone lose weight, help them build their website, or even help a start-up to become more successful.

No matter what kind of success story it is, you must put it and showcase it on your page. To showcase that, you can use photos with the individuals or companies that you have helped, or you can use quotes or video presentations with them instead.

This will inspire many potential clients to take you up on your offer as you have produced more tangible results and they would more likely want it for themselves as well.


Instagram is one of the most effective and accessible tools we have at our disposal as freelance workers or business owners. Through Instagram, we can advertise ourselves and get our names out in the open for potential clients to ask us for our services. Still, we must be equipped with the right knowledge and skills if we want to bag more potential high-paying clients and if we want to keep clients for a long time. Therefore, you must make use of these steps to increase your chances of succeeding, especially when it comes to getting more clients through Instagram.

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