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How to Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Growing your brand on any social media platform is no easy task. It requires time, effort, dedication, and of course, a strategy to get you to where you want to be more easily. It's the same for Instagram (IG) because just like many other brands out there, you must also grow your presence here.

Having the knowledge on how to grow your brand more efficiently can set you apart from all the other people on this app.

Now when it comes to those strategies, it can be quite overwhelming with all the information being fed to us. Luckily for you, here are some of the best tips when it comes to growing your brand on Instagram!

Interaction is key! #engagement #interaction

If you want more people to notice you and your brand's page, then you have to interact with other people too! You have to let them know that you exist as a page and interacting is one way you can do that. It's simple, it's easy, and it's effective because it lets other people know that you genuinely want their attention and respond quickly to their posts.

How do we interact? Well, there are plenty of ways on Instagram. For starters, you can join other big accounts' IG lives and interact with them then hopefully other viewers will notice you as well. Another way is by simply replying to other people's posts. If your reply gets a lot of likes or the original poster replies to you, then more people will know about your page as well. Furthermore, leaving a reaction to other people's stories will send them a notification about you as well.

Engage with hashtags #engagewithhashtags

If you want to thrive on Instagram, then you have to know what's hot. This means that you need to know which hashtags are blowing up at the moment and you have to ride this wave by posting content related to it. Now when people check out that hashtag, they will be able to see your post too, and will be more interested in your brand.

Another way you can do this is by posting about trending topics with relevant hashtags while also relating them to your brand's page. Speaking of hashtags, we also recommend that you use all the hashtags limit allowed per post on Instagram. Just make sure all of it is related to your brand.

Optimize your bio and posts #optimizeprofile

Your bio is a powerful but often overlooked tool to become more popular. Edit your bio and put a searchable word in it to make it easier for your target clientele to find you when they search for related terms to your brand.

In addition and aside from hashtags as mentioned earlier, you can also optimize your Instagram posts by adding a location to it and posting whenever your audience is most active. You can find the latter out mostly by experimenting or if you take a look at your post's metrics to see which times of the day your audiences are most active.

Then when your post performs well, you can also repurpose it for later on! Furthermore, using multiple IG features and formats will also be great and add variety.

Instagram reels and stories #intagramreels #instagramstories

Instagram reels and stories are one of the great ways to make yourself stand out in the algorithm as well. When your IG reels and stories get a lot of engagements, you become more familiar with a larger set of audience. So make sure to make use of these too and start tagging other accounts whenever you post one of these!

You should remember that engagement is the key. You have to get engagement one way or another right from the start so do what you can by tagging multiple accounts.

Engage with your audience #targetaudience #engagewithaudience

As mentioned above, engagement is the key to success in any social media platform. If you don't have any engagements, then your brand's page will never rise above the algorithm and no new clientele will find you.

So make sure to engage with every comment in your posts and make them feel welcome so they will interact more with you in the future as well.

Collaborate #Collaborate

There comes a point when your own power may not be enough. So why not try collaborating with fellow brands on Instagram and help promote each other?

Try to seek collaboration with relevant brands once you have established yourself fairly decently. After all, nobody wants to collaborate with a nobody because they'll have no idea who you are or if they can trust you. In short, you also need to have something to bring to the table whether it's money or your own audience.

These collaborations can take many forms whether it's a shoutout, a joint advertisement post, or a joint IG live.

Learn from others #Learnfromothers

By this point, there may already be hundreds if not thousands of other brands belonging in the same niche as yours. They may also have their own established pages already that they have also meticulously built by themselves or with the help of others.

So try to observe and learn how they do things. See what makes their posts gain a lot of likes and which tags they use along with what times they usually post. Learn and observe other people and try to apply it to your own work.

Promote your account #promoteyouraccount

Last but definitely not least, another way to grow your brand's page is simply by promoting it through the channels which you already have!

Do you have a newsletter with many people subscribed? Well, you can include it in the next newsletter you send out! Promote it among those who are subscribed as they are also more likely to give you a follow and a like.

Another way is by putting your Instagram account as the footer of every email that you send. This will also be a great way to promote it to your target audience.


These are some of the best ways you can follow to grow your brand's account on Instagram. Following these will make it more efficient for you as you won't have to reach in the dark when it comes to growing your page and your brand's reach. These are tried and tested methods after all. So simply follow these, and you will be able to see significant growth in your following in no time!

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