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How to Look for a Career

Are you fresh out of university or someone who just ended employment from a company? Are you still looking for that perfect job that you think will bring you not only wealth but personal satisfaction? Then know that you are not alone in this journey and in this article, we will tell you the thing that you should and should not look for when finding your dream job.

A lot of people actually make the same mistakes, especially when looking for their first or next job. This is because they’ve got the wrong basis when it comes to choosing. So, what are the things you shouldn’t set as your basis?


First and foremost, salary is what people look at when they try to find jobs. Sure, it’s a tempting criterion, and having a high salary is definitely a plus, but it should not be the driving factor in you choosing a job! Some might have a high salary but do know that with it comes to an equally high amount of responsibility and skills required to be in the position.

Job title

This is another mistake that people make most of the time. If you’re a new graduate, don’t expect yourself to be in a higher position right from the get-go. Sure, you might not like the title as of now, but if it leads to a career path that you like as long as you work hard, then you should still pursue it and gain experience. This way you’ll be experienced and knowledgeable enough when the job title that you want is handed down to you!

Other people’s opinions

Similar to the one above, you might fear what other people think of you when they ask what your job is. This is especially true in reunions where people often want to present the best version of themselves and what they think will impress everyone. However, what you must consider more is how you feel about your job. If you genuinely enjoy it, then no one can take it away from you.

In conclusion, remember that careers aren’t built on top of salary, job title, or other people’s opinions. They are built on top of passion and drive to excel and make a difference. This is why you should make sure to find a job that fits your passion, what you find exciting, and what will drive you to wake up early in the morning looking forward to work.

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