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How to Turn Potential Clients Into Paying Clients

You may get potential clients for market listings, advertisements, newsletters, and other ways, but the entire point of attracting many potential clients is to get them to be your actual clients. The kind that actually pays you for your services. No matter how many potential clients you have, if none of them actually avail of your services, then it’s all in vain!

Building up a list of potential clients is helpful because you get to see which ones are actually showing interest in your services. Having them informed of when there’s a spot available in your offers, makes them more likely to avail of your services as well! This way, you’ll never have to worry about running out of clients.

However, how exactly do we get paying clients? Well, here are some of the most foolproof ways:

Provide solutions

Every client that walks in through your door comes to you because they have problems, and these problems have solutions that only you can provide. You must let them know of this fact by giving them a thorough explanation of how exactly you can best help them with their issues. Tell them how you solved and helped with other clients’ problems before to gain more of their confidence.

Remember that they are not exactly paying you for your service only, they are paying you for your time. The time they would have spent doing so much grunt work it took them the whole day.

Provide peace of mind

As mentioned before, our clients come to us with problems that they have, and they expect to leave with solutions. They will also most likely come to us overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that they have to face every day. Perhaps they’re leading a new marketing team, perhaps they’ve started a new business, or perhaps they simply want a project done.

What you need to do now is to take initiative and tell them how you can help them navigate through the labyrinth of choices that now overwhelm them. Let your client or potential clients know how exactly you plan to help them with their dilemmas.

Even if you don’t convert them into an actual paying client on the first call, they’ll know at the back of their minds that there is someone like you out there who is willing to help them.

Build Trust

Speaking of which, trust is also a vital component of turning a potential client into a paying one. When talking to them about their problems, try to genuinely help them and provide the information that they need and why or how you’re the best suited to help them. Don’t try to sound like an aggressive salesman from the get-go.

Help them sincerely and give them accurate education about the specific problems that they are facing, and you can be sure that you are already building trust with your client!

Become a reliable source

Now, we may be jacks of many trades, but there will be sometimes that what the clients seek is too high level and we can’t help them. There is no shame in this! Refusing a project that you know you can’t execute well is a lot better than accepting it and bungling every step of the way.

Remember that our reputation and reviews are much more important than any single client out there.

What you can do in this situation instead is to refer them to someone else who can do the project. Now, this may sound strange as it may seem like you’re giving clients away but hear me out.

When you refer them to someone who meets their expectations you indirectly paint yourself as someone who is reliable and not someone who is greedy and is only after their money. You become a person who actually genuinely cares for their well-being and not just someone who wants to bite off more than you can chew.

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