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How to Use LinkedIn Like a Pro

You’ve already heard of Facebook and Instagram before as platforms for getting yourself out there in the world. But now, prepare for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms with over 500 million users that you can use for expanding your business. It is built primarily for professionals and businesses to conduct formal negotiations and interactions with one another. Hence, you will need a guide on how to navigate LinkedIn. Lucky for you, as here are some etiquette tips that will get you sounding like a pro in no time:

  1. Keep your profile spotless and include all the necessary information that employers would want to see. Do not withhold any information that an employer has to know.

  2. Share only professional content and images on your profile. LinkedIn is not your average social media site. It is a place where professionals and businesses gather for employment and negotiations so remain professional at all times.

  3. Since LinkedIn is a professional website, make sure to respond on time all the time. Everybody’s time is valuable so make sure to always respond within one to two days.

  4. Include a bespoke message when you send an invite to people you want to connect with. This way, even if they decline your invitation, they will remember that you were unique and made an effort beyond those that only used LinkedIn’s standard connection request message.

  5. Do not exaggerate on your profile. Write only the things you have achieved and the skills you can actually do.

  6. Speaking of which, also make sure to add every new degree, certificate, or achievement you can have under your belt and add it to your profile. If you don’t want your employer or connections to be suspicious of all your new achievements, make sure to turn off activity updates as well!

  7. Remember to join groups and connect with fellow workers in the same industry!

  8. Create a Company page if you have your own company if you want to be able to share news and updates about your company

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