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How VA’s Earn Money from Their Blogs

Updated: Mar 25, 2021


First off, you will need to know what a blog is. A blog is just like your social media page on Facebook or Twitter. You can control the content and customize it fully for a feel that you personally like or need. It acts as your base on the internet wherein people can visit you and generate traffic towards your products and services. This in turn can generate money through affiliate marketing, advertisements, or by selling products.



  • Ads are the number one way to generate income from your blogs

  • Some larger companies do require a minimum number of page views.

  • Apply with mostly no requirements.

a.Google Adsense – great for beginners; has no minimum page view requirement.

b.Sovrn – also has no minimum page view requirement.

c.AdThrive – manage ads for you, has a 100K page view minimum, but can increase income,

d.The Blogher Network – also manages your ads for you, increases the flow of income, but also has a 100K page view minimum

2.Affiliate marketing

  • You market someone else’s product through an affiliate link and get a commission when someone makes a purchase through your link.

  • Amazon affiliate program is a great place to start since you can most likely find the product suitable for your blog’s content.

  • Other affiliate companies can be found on sites like


  • Instead of promoting other’s products on your blog, you can promote your own too! This is also one of the best ways you can make money off your blog. Remember, as long as somebody needs it, somebody will buy it. You can sell handmade crafts and decorations, e-books, and photos. Physical items aren’t the only things that you can sell-through. You can also sell your knowledge and skills through things like mini-courses, tutoring services, and event management services! Basically, any service or products that you can offer can be put on your blog as it can serve as a form of resume that will serve to attract future clients.

You can even put testimonies and reviews from past clients to showcase the quality of your work to future clients! So, not only can blogs generate passive income, but it can also help build your resume as a virtual assistant! Thus, blogs are a must-have for both new and seasoned virtual assistants.


This is a very important question as we have mentioned earlier, for your blog to start generating income, it needs to have a stable and consistent amount of traffic first. There are numerous ways for you to get people to come to your blog and start creating traffic. Perhaps the simplest method is through Facebook groups or through Twitter pages. These sites have a lot of engagement from customers and can be helpful in finding your blog’s target audience.

You can also opt to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or through Youtube to reach more potential clients.

There are countless ways you can generate traffic to your blog. You can work on SEO (search engine optimization), social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram), or outreach.


Starting to blog can be a bit intimidating for some, but no worries! We have compiled three of the most important questions about blogging as a virtual assistant.

1. What should I name my blog?

  • This may seem like a simple question, but this is often where most people hit a stumble since the start is usually the most difficult. Although we would say that a blog’s content matters more, having a catchy name can also up your blogging game.

  • You can mention your services in the name of your blog, be vague, or even use your own name! There are no specific rules, as long as it’s unique and eye-catching.

2. What should your blog be geared towards?

  • Blogs that have a focus on their content are often the most trustworthy ones, so if you want to make your content all about fashion, then make it all about fashion. Don’t suddenly put content about other things (e.g. cooking) that are unrelated to the main them of your blog!

3. Where do bloggers struggle the most when it comes to their blog?

  • At the start, you may find it difficult to make your content and to generate consistent traffic, but as you become more established, you will often handle more things like management instead.

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