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How Virtual Assistants Can Build Your Online Presence

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

With the advent of digital platforms such as social media, it has now become much easier to conduct your sales and marketing strategies. You are also able to reach your target audiences much faster than before. However, managing your social media for your business can be quite taxing, and, in these times, having a helping hand is an absolute lifesaver.

Marketing Through Social Media

Just as social media has become such a powerful tool to use to reach your target audience, not everybody becomes successful in launching it. It is not enough to simply have a Facebook page, Facebook group, or Instagram account. You need followers to spread your word of course!

But how do we do that? Who should we follow? What should we name our page or group? How can I have more visibility? These are some of the tough questions that we face as we are starting our social media campaign. To save your efforts and brainpower, you can always leave it on to the capable hands of virtual assistants.

Developing Your Social Media Profile

Developing your social media profile might sound very challenging at first, but with the help of virtual assistants, you can be sure that they can take you every step of the way. You can even ask them about which platforms use, your marketing strategy, and your target clients. With that said, here are some of the things that you need to do to develop your social media profile:

  • Conceptualize your brand - what do you want your customers to see online? How do you want them to view your brand? Those are among the many things that you have to consider when conceptualizing your online brand. Think about your logo, product pictures, and descriptions carefully as the first impression always seems to last.

  • Consider your tone - Do you want to be viewed as a formal luxury brand? Or do you want to ve down with the kids and friendly towards your online clients? These are the kinds of tones that you can take among many others when it comes to communicating with your clients online. Remember that this all depends on how you want your brand to be viewed by your customers and this will constitute your business’ unique online presence.

  • Use scheduling software - you can use scheduling software such as Buffer and Hootsuite to manage your posts on social media even more effectively. Not only is it efficient, but it also allows you to plan your overall marketing strategy ahead of time. A most virtual assistants can use these online tools themselves in order to assist you more effectively.

Speaking of virtual assistants, once you hire one and have them assist you in developing your brand’s online presence, then you should expect several things from them. One of them is that they will save a lot of your time while you can work on other more important things. They will be responsible for things such as:

  • Uploading contents - using the aforementioned tools such as buffer, you can rest assured that contents under your brand’s social media page or group will be uploaded regularly at the same intervals. They may also add in other contents to make your page or group even more popular!

  • Cross-platform contents - As business owners, it is hard for us to come up with different posts for every single social media platform that we use in our marketing. Hence, you can leave it up to the virtual assistants to catch the audience’s attention for you no matter what platform it is.

  • Planning a strategy – you have to be clear with your virtual assistant about what kind of audiences you want to reach. This is why developing your brand image is also important as mentioned before. This is where the virtual assistants’ skills can also help you as they can also plan a marketing strategy tailored exactly for your needs!

  • Building your brand’s following – all of these planning and strategizing are aimed at one thing-- building a social media following. Having a lot of followers is good for two things. One is that you can be sure that there are people who will see your latest updates and are more likely to buy your products and services. Two is that they can help you reach more audiences y sharing your posts with others. With more followers, the more clients you will have.

  • Monitoring and interaction – of course, it is not enough to simply build your following. You need to have someone to keep it up and interact with all of your clients online. This will keep the customer’s loyalty to you and your brand. With your busy schedule, you wouldn’t want to spend several hours answering online queries, right? This is where a virtual assistant can help you get through.


Big businesses often have an entire team of social media managers scrambling about to handle their online presence. However, for most small companies this is too expensive. Hence, virtual assistants are a cost-effective and more efficient way to help you build your brand’s presence online.

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