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How You Can Gain More Clients this YEAR

As virtual assistants (VA), it’s quite essential for us to consistently gain more clients as time goes by. We must be able to nurture our relationships with older clients while also managing to attract new clients should our contracts end with older clients. This ensures that we get to stay in the business for long as clients are our lifeline in this industry after all.

Yet, as many new and inexperienced VA’ may attest to, attracting new clients and even your first client may be difficult for a lot of us. Whenever we promote ourselves on social media and no matter how great our skills really are, it’s not always guaranteed that we can get new clients.

So how can we attract more new clients and improve our careers as VA’s?

Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our top tips when it comes to gaining new clients:

First things first. You need to be able to have discipline within yourself as a VA. This may already be obvious to some of you, but discipline is among the primary traits we need to possess as a VA. Discipline can get us to new places we can only dream of.

Why is discipline important? Well discipline allows us to set our priorities straight and focus on the most vital things that need to be done. This allows us to be more productive and finish our projects on time as a VA.

Discipline allows us to know what’s really important to us and allow us to make the necessary sacrifices that we need in order to attain our goals.

Not only this but having discipline also makes sure that we gain to develop the right habits to set us on the right track in life It makes us develop better habits that we can use to further improve our lives.

Determination is something that allows us to push further even when we face setbacks. It keeps us motivated even when we feel sad about failure and gives us hope that we can stand up and fight another day.

By being determined, you can enable yourself to push through your limits and overcome whatever challenges may come before you. This also makes you able to reach more of your full potential not only as a VA but also as a person.

As VA’s, we will consistently encounter new and exciting challenges that will invite us to see and overcome our own limits and grow more as a person. Therefore being disciplined can make many potential clients attracted to your work ethic and keep coming back to you and leave you with stellar reviews every time.

Being dedicated #beingdedicated

In line with determination, another thing that can keep us going is being dedicated to our work. Being dedicated means you believe in your work. It means that you know you’re making a positive impact in the world as you help your clients get their jobs done!

Being dedicated will make it clear to clients that you are also trustworthy. This makes them feel assured that no matter what tasks they may have for you, you will be dedicated enough to pull through.

Having dedication also gets you consistently growing and improving on your craft and skills.


Having these traits and skills is a sure way to guarantee new clients to be attracted to your services as a VA. Being disciplined, having determination, and being dedicated can be the characteristics that can set you apart from other VA’s!

Therefore, you must hone and adapt these characteristics now and attract more clients this year!

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