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Identifying the Essential Traits of a Virtual Assistant

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your workload, wishing there were more hours in a day?

One solution to optimizing your productivity and maintaining the high-quality outputs required by your job is to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA).

The application of a virtual assistant can be varied - spanning from customer service, administrative roles to design tasks. Despite each VA having distinct skills, there are key characteristics that every potential VA must exhibit for you to gain the most value.

Identifying the Essential Traits of a Virtual Assistant

Here are those vital attributes:

They Should Be Consistently Dependable

Your VA could be the most competent and talented individual you’ve met, but without reliability, their skills become obsolete. If they fail to provide timely updates on project status or promptly respond to emails, it can negatively impact your business over time. Since VAs often work remotely, they must demonstrate responsibility and independence in completing tasks without constant supervision.

Ultimately, your confidence in their ability to deliver quality work consistently, beyond just being present when required, is crucial.

They Should Have Superior Communication Skills

Before offering a contract, ensure that the VA exhibits strong and effective communication skills. The repercussions of poor communication, particularly around problems or issues they may be facing, can be disastrous.

The inability to clearly express ideas could lead to confusion, causing delays, extra expenses, and damage to client relationships. Ensure your VA can effectively utilize various communication channels such as FaceTime, your preferred email provider, project management software, text messaging, and so forth.

VAs Should Be Proactive and Resourceful

Avoid hiring a VA who merely ticks boxes without genuinely investing time in quality work or demonstrating initiative. The rationale behind hiring a VA is to have a reliable partner for task execution, problem-solving, and handling client issues.

While expecting a VA to be proficient in every aspect is unrealistic, they should be resourceful. They can leverage VA forums, YouTube tutorials, or articles for additional knowledge or assistance.

For instance:

If a client requests a spreadsheet to be alphabetically sorted, a quick Google search should guide your VA through the process.

Expert VAs who keep abreast of industry trends, competitors, and technological advances can provide a significant competitive advantage for your business.

VAs with problem-solving abilities, quick thinking, and the drive to consistently deliver quality work are invaluable assets.

They Should Be Trustworthy and Transparent

While trust is a universally desirable trait, in a virtual context, it is especially critical. What sets a good VA apart is their willingness to promptly communicate any issues or delays preventing them from completing their work. Many companies use screen and time tracking systems to monitor their VA's work, but ultimately, the level of trust you have in your VA is a personal decision.

VAs Should Be Capable of Multitasking

Among the critical competencies a VA must master, multitasking undoubtedly features in the top five. They must balance multiple tasks or projects simultaneously while staying organized, maintaining forward momentum, and handling various clients with ease.

Effective scheduling, prioritizing, and efficiency are vital aspects of a successful VA.

They Should Thrive Under Pressure Even in times of chaos, it's crucial that your VA keeps your clients shielded from backstage turmoil. They must consistently prioritize client satisfaction, irrespective of the pressure of workload.

In situations with short deadlines or increased workload, your VA should not only handle the pressure but also refrain from unintentionally transmitting any stress or negativity to the clients.

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