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Key Things to Remember in Social Media Marketing

Managing your business’ social media pages can seem like an intimidating task. After all, aside from managing the ins and outs of your business, you also have to consider a lot of factors that go on in your social media marketing. You need to be able to build your brand’s image and respond accurately and carefully to customer interactions with your page.

Keeping this in mind, it can be quite a taxing task. Yet, we know it is a very rewarding task for our business as a whole. So when do we know that we need to get outside help to help maintain this system and also to get some burden off of our shoulders?

In this article, we will share helpful things you should follow when it comes to your business's social media marketing along with knowing when you require additional assistance. So let’s start with the latter first:

When to seek additional help

This one is pretty easy to know. Essentially, if you’re already working full time and clocking in hours way past the normal work week, then you may need to evaluate yourself. Is hat you’re doing healthy? Sure, you may feel that you’re already used to it, but are you sure you’re not slowly wearing yourself out? The efficiency and time you think you’re gaining now by doing everything by yourself may get taken back once you feel burnt out. So, plan wisely and reflect on yourself deeply.

Starting things by yourself

If you really have to do things by yourself at first, then it would be better to get started in the right way.

First thing you have to do is make sure you create an account on every platform as possible. This can include most social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This will be your audience’s way of reaching out to you and verifying the legitimacy of your business online. After all most businesses have a social media account these days to represent them.

Speaking of representation, you also need to build your brand’s image. For this, you need to make a brand kit. A brand kit includes your brand’s logo, color codes, and even your mission, vision, and goals. You may even provide a link to your websites in which your audience can access more of your content and get to know more about you.

Your marketing goals

Most commonly we start social media marketing to achieve more traffic onto our websites, or to receive more clients and orders for our products and services. What guides you in knowing whether you’re doing well or not are your performance indicators.

Performance indicators may vary for some, but generally, this includes the number of likes, shares, and interactions that your posts get. On other platforms, you may even consider the amounts of clicks, time spent per viewer, and the number of views. These are just some of the ways with which you can measure the amount of success your social media marketing strategy has.

Do keep in mind though that you shouldn’t expect record-breaking numbers right at the first week or even month. This is because unless you’re already a well-known brand, then it can take you lots of hard work to slowly build up your company’s social media following on various platforms. It would also be worth it if you invest in getting more engagement for your posts.

Aside from getting ads to have more engagements, having a Virtual secretary (VA) would also be optimal for you at this point. They can not only lift a lot of burden off of you, but they can also do accurate market research so you can more effectively use your marketing budget to reach a wider scope of audience.


When it comes to social media marketing, it is commendable for you to do things yourself, but you don’t necessarily have to. With these tips, you can make it easier for yourself and for your company. You can also always hire a VA to help lighten the load and help you with more of your tasks at hand.

You should also have realistic expectations with your goals aimed towards growth and expansion of the reach you have with your target audience. Spend ads on posts you think should receive the most engagements and could hook the most number of new audiences. It also takes time and effort to build a following because there may even be times when your posts get barely 10 interactions or views, but it is definitely worth it in the end!

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