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Managing and Communicating With Remote Teams

Repetitive tasks can take up a lot of your time. It can take your time and attention away from doing the things that actually matter to you and your company. Therefore, reducing the need or even eliminating the need to do such tasks is a must if we want to increase our productivity.

This is why plenty of us use outsourcing this work as an option. It’s one of the best ways you can reduce your workload while being even more productive! In this article, we will be looking at some of the best ways you can manage and communicate with a remote admin team.

So what problems do most people with an outsourced remote admin team encounter?

Limited face-to-face communication #teammeeting

Since your team would be remote in nature, there will be a lack of face-to-face communication especially compared to a traditional team in the office. The remote nature of their work offers a lot of benefits, but there are also some downsides.

These downsides can include things such as making it difficult to collaborate and communicate since they all live in different areas, lack of clear communication, and even some conflicting schedules.

Monitoring problems #monitoringproblems

As mentioned above, the remote nature of your team makes it difficult to have any face-to-face encounters. Along with making it difficult to communicate with each other, this can also make it difficult for you to supervise your team.

This is especially a problem for projects wherein you have to meet a tight schedule. Having no one to directly monitor your team members can make it difficult to motivate anyone to complete tasks before the deadline itself.

Lack of company culture #companyculture

Your company culture shines the most in the office. The employees that get to experience this feel more of a sense of belongingness to your company compared to those who don’t. This is why those who only work remotely might feel isolated or even separated from the rest of your

Isolation from company culture can affect the employees’ motivation, morale, and even the quality of their work.

Time management #timemanagement

As mentioned in the previous points above, time might become an even harder resource to manage with a remote team due to the fact that you are not physically there to manage or supervise them.

Working remotely can make workers more prone to distractions at home and make it harder for them to meet deadlines.

How to successfully manage a remote admin team? #adminteam

The key here is essentially communication. Being an effective communicator can do wonders for you and the coordination of your team. In line with this you also need to know how to easily convey your instructions to your remote team with virtual assistants (VA’s).

Know the correct tools #toolmanagement

Since your remote team is essentially VA, they need to be aware of the standard tools that you will use inside your team. They need to be aware of the right tools to use so everyone is on the same page. For example, everyone needs to use the same communication apps such as Skype or Zoom, software, and even the same cloud service.

Your team needs to be on the same page when it comes to the tools to use. This is to ensure an easy flow of communication and files with data with each other. You wouldn’t want each individual to be isolated and disorganized from each other, right?

Online office environment #officeenvironment

Since your remote team can’t physically be in the office which poses multiple problems that we have mentioned earlier, one thing you can do is create an online office environment. It’s just how it sounds. It simulates the feeling and professionalism of being in an office together through online means.

You need set office hours, breaks, and even online team-building activities. This helps build a sense of professionalism and gives them a sense of belongingness even through online means.

Set deadlines #setdeadlines

To further avoid the problems we have mentioned earlier, simply setting up a deadline and a goal that has to be achieved within a set time period can create a sense of urgency for your remote team. This coupled along with constant reminders and messages makes it more likely for the team to accomplish their tasks way ahead of time.

Get updates #getupdates

Speaking of constant reminders, you should also have regular reports on how your team is doing and see if any progress has been made.

This allows you to communicate more with your team to see if there’s any areas that you or they lack and how you can fix it as early as possible to help ease the schedule.

Maintain and build trust #buildtrust

Trust is one of your most important resources when it comes to having a remote team. This doesn’t just refer to your ability to trust the team, but also refers to their ability to trust you. You need to be somebody that they can trust and rely on for the project to be successful.

This takes time and effort, but when you have it, your projects will become even more successful and be accomplished faster as there is smoother communication between you and your remote team.


These are the problems you might encounter when it comes to having a remote team that is mostly composed of VA’s. With these problems, we have also given you realistic solutions as we know that success must be ensured when it comes to working with any kind of team.

So make sure to take note and follow these to have a smoother and easier relationship with your online admin team to make your projects even more successful!

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