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Most Frequently Requested Virtual Assistant Services

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Earning from home has never been so easy! This is especially if you’re a Virtual Assistant (VA) like me. As VA’s, we tend to do juggle between a variety of tasks depending on what the client needs so for 2020, I’ve compiled the top 10 services that VA’s can offer whether you are a seasoned VA, or just curious about what VA’s can offer and if you can do it, then this list is just the right one for you.

1. Youtube Managing and Editing

Here’s what you need to know. If you have the right skill set when it comes to professional quality video making and editing, then this service is the right one for you.

Still not convinced? Then know that Youtube is the largest growing platform for video streaming. Everyday millions of videos are squeezed out by content creators who tend to want to upload more than one video per day in order to increase the traffic on their channel. So what do they do? Hire VA’s of course.

2. Social Media and Online Business Management

Ok, there are many platforms for social media that we can work on as a VA, so let me break it down for you.

Social media managing via Facebook is mostly about business promotion. In this line of service, you will need to not only manage online communities but also work on your company’s social media presence. The more likes and shares the business has, the BETTER. As Facebook’s reach grows worldwide, so does the needs of small, medium and even big time businesses to reach out to wider scope of audience and this, my friend is why VA’s are needed in this area.

Just like Facebook, other social media sites Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest need VA’s to power up their online presence too! My, have you heard of how Wendy’s Twitter account gained popularity as it roasted and dissed many people? That’s brilliant advertising right there, and as a VA, we can be requested for management like this too!

Also, did you know that most businesses tend to trade and do business online nowadays? This is why VA’s are much needed in order to perform tasks to help the business run smoothly online paired with an active online presence.

3. Graphics and Website Design

With the tons of websites available and being created on the internet today, it’s no wonder why VA’s are requested for these services especially if you have the editing and designing skills preferred by clients.

4. Customer Service and General Administration

This is probably one of the most common services requested of a VA: performing simple tasks such as scheduling, management, and appointment setting, so don’t be too intimidated!

5. Podcast Management

This is probably one of the most exciting services to offer out there as there are many people engaged in making and listening to interesting podcasts. Thus, making this service very in-demand with its growth in popularity.

6. PR Outreach

This is like the above mention podcast management and online business management combined. You see, many business owners want to get in touch with their clients through podcasts and what easier way to do this other than with the help of VA’s?

7. Writing and Blogging

Writing and copywriting skills are probably one of the handiest skill sets that you’ll have as a VA as it remains to be one of the most popular ways to popularize a website, channel, or product. This is why this service is easily apart of this list as it really is one of the most request VA services of this year.

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