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Polishing Your LinkedIn Account

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Did you know that LinkedIn has been around longer than the most famous social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram? LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform that caters to professionals and job-seekers all around the globe. So as a Virtual Assistant (VA), it’s pretty important for you to enhance your LinkedIn profile to get those clients and this article will teach you just how to do so!

Okay, first things first, why would you need a LinkedIn account? The answer is simple, LinkedIn is simply an environment ideal for VA’s as it is a way for people to connect professionally, build a network of connections, and not to mention that the competition here is not as intense in other social media platforms. These are a few of the reasons why improving your LinkedIn profile will tremendously help you grow as a VA.

Starting off, you will of course need to set up your profile picture. Make sure you choose a professional snapshot of your face! Many tend to make the mistake of using an unprofessional profile photo similar to the ones they use on other social media like Facebook or sometimes people use logos instead of their actual face. Remember, you are here to connect with other professionals who are potential clients/employers. You may use a picture of you smiling or one where you wear professional attire as this photo will serve as your first impression with everyone you interact with on LinkedIn along with your headline.

For your headline, make sure that it’s catchy, concise, and most of all make sure that it stands out. Standing out with your headline is also an essential aspect in setting up your LinkedIn profile as it allures potential clients and helps get your message across clearly. Hence, try to keep it only up to 10 words with keywords placed in and avoid jargons that are too hard to understand.

Make sure that you also update your profile on a regular basis to keep your online engagement and interactions going. You can also share what your services are so that people who see your profile know exactly what they are going to get when they hire you. This is all done in the “About” section of your profile. Don’t forget to put the summary to good use too! In this section, you have to put 4 to 6 of your biggest achievement as a VA. Doing so will help clutch your client’s interest and the deal between the two of you is as good as made when you have followed up on this step in these instructions that this article has given you.

Furthermore, you can also add media to your profile to make it more interesting. Overall, these steps will surely help you polish your LinkedIn account and help you in your first step as a VA!

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