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Raising Productivity in Your Business

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Importance of productivity

Productivity is an essential trait to have in a business. Without it, you would always be at a loss and never be able to grow your business. With that said, there are various ways to measure productivity in your business. Some like to take a look at how many products are sold within a quarter of the year, some look at the amount of work done in a day, and others look at the profits and revenue generated within a year.

As business owners, we definitely want to increase productivity in every way that we can. By having an in-depth look at the way our business works, we can iron out the processes and increase productivity. However, different parts of your business require different kinds of ways to become more productive. One method may be effective for one department, but obsolete for another. Some employees have tasks that naturally take less time to do than others while some have huge time-consuming projects that they need to finish. Hence here are some way, you can increase the general productivity in your business:

Improve Office Culture

If your office has toxic cultures such as blaming, gossiping, and power-tripping by senior employees, then you can expect your overall productivity to below. Most companies today realize the importance of a good office environment that is conducive to actual productivity for employees. They tend to provide great packages along with a great working environment which makes their employees happier and more productive. Remember that in terms of quality and quantity of work, then happier employees tend to give better results than stressed ones.

One way to make your office culture less stressful and toxic is by not having too much workload. You can save money and lessen employee workload simply by hiring a virtual assistant (VA). They offer a variety of services like task management and administrative services. What’s more is you only have to pay by the amount of actual work done which makes them not only less expensive but also more efficient than hiring a new employee.


While it seems to you that using spreadsheets instead of paper for keeping track and recording data is far more technologically efficient, then we’ve got news for you. When it comes to handling clients/customers, using this method is pretty inefficient and may even create some lapses when not everyone has the same data. This is why many growing companies are switching over to automated systems. This cuts off a significant amount of time with less effort especially when it comes to communicating with clients. Not to mention that you can also outsource this service to the VA’s that we have mentioned before...

Abandon Old Technology

Productivity in your office is more dependent on the equipment that you have than you think. Imagine having the most efficient employees, but they only have old clunky computers to work with. This would drag your productivity to the ground and frustrate you and your employees. Nobody wants to wait in line to print a document because only one in the entire office is working. So, remember to invest in current up-to-date technologies for the equipment in your office because the productivity that it will add to your business is certainly worth it.

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