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Regularity and Quality 

These are the two factors that truly matter to success on a media platform.

Regularity and Quality 

Regularity is so important to make a good name for yourself, your channel, and your brand. This will allow you to reach more audiences and be more recognizable to people, of course, this would also mean that you are more dependable in your audience's eyes.


And why is quality important, it's pretty obvious, Good quality equals viewers' loyalty. 


Know that when you start your social media account journey it will be hard for you and your 1st years. But you shouldn't worry because you would get amazing results from this tip even if you start at the ground.


Post one video or content every single week.


This will allow you to be regular and this would give you enough time to make good quality content.


Another good piece of advice for you is to remember your priorities and engage with them. Imagine that you could only choose 3 things to prioritize, what would you choose? But remember this is reality, you could only engage in a few things in life. 


So, regardless of what it takes, make decisions focused on making this work, and you can ensure success will come relatively quickly; however, if you focus on 10 projects instead of this one firm, it will be more difficult for you.


You, what do you consider your greatest accomplishment?


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