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Rules to Follow to Be Successful in Your 20’s

Our twenties can be a difficult time to navigate. A lot of things are happening all at once and many of us are fresh out of academia. There are no longer any teachers to instruct us on what to do and there are no longer structured schedules for us to follow.

As they say, we are now out in the real world and it’s up to us to make use of what we have if we want to thrive in it.

With that t being said, here are some tips to thrive and be successful in your twenties:

Value money #valuemoney

They say that money doesn't buy happiness, but so does being broke. No one is ever going to be happy with an empty wallet and an empty stomach. Money may not always buy you happiness, but it surely does bring food to the table and help you buy your daily necessities.

Remember, money can buy happiness in the form of financial freedom. You will be much happier being able to afford not only what you need, but the objects and experiences that bring you happiness as well.

Have multiple sources of income #sourceofincome

With the rising costs of living, having just one source of income isn't going to be enough. It's a sad reality, but our generation now has to work multiple jobs or side hustles if we want to thrive in life.

So look for any part-time jobs or side hustles if you can and start earning more money from multiple sources instead of just one. In this way, you will also be much more protected from being laid off from work.

Spend less, save more #spendless #savemore

One habit that a lot of us need to shake off is the habit of spending way more than we actually need. We tend to get into this habit as we want to reward ourselves after a month of hard work and we want to experience the fruit of our labor.

While this isn't necessarily bad, because we truly need to unwind from time to time and we need to reward ourselves for surviving every day, it becomes a problem when we are spending every cent out of our pocket. Remember that money is a limited and valuable resource. We shouldn't spend all of it in one go. Otherwise, we will be vulnerable in times of great emergencies as we'd have no money to rely on.

Another pitfall that everyone seems to miss is buying excessive luxury. Most of the time, people buy luxurious things to impress other people or to show off. You don't need to let everybody know that you are rich or that you have more money than them.

So make a habit of saving first before spending anything. This will save you the hassle of having to adjust your budget because you've missed out on saving money for a month.

Be the best version of yourself #bestversionofyourself

When we reach our twenties, it's important to remind ourselves that life is a journey, not a competition. We aren't here to compete with other people and we don't need to impress anybody but ourselves.

Instead of seeing everybody as a competition, we should see everyone as an inspiration instead. We can help each other grow and thrive as there is enough space for everyone to shine in this world.

Surround yourself with the right people #rightpeople

When we reach this age, our social circle matters more than ever. Who we associate with, and spend time with can determine whether we live a life full of opportunities or not. This is because when we surround ourselves with people who are driven, motivated, and full of passion, we become like that as well.

In contrast, when we surround ourselves with people running on impulse and have self-destructive behavior, we risk falling into their cycle which is difficult to escape.

Fall in love with the right person at the right time #righttime

While most people say that love is blind, love still requires money, and quite often, it requires a lot.

So try not to chase love very early on in your twenties especially if you do not have a good foundation for yourself financially yet. This is because love and dating can be expensive and requires money no matter how big or how small. What's more, is that should your love result in pregnancy or starting a family, you will be in much trouble in terms of finances.

So plan everything out first and set yourself up financially before anything else. Love comes at a cost after all even in financial terms whether we like it or not.


While everyone's life experiences and perspectives will be different, especially in their twenties, these rules will still be a great tool to follow as a guide so we can avoid financial or social ruin down the line. These rules are tried and tested through the years and it will not hurt to follow them and not be hasty in our lives. We are still in our twenties after all so there is no need to rush and we can take everything one step at a time.

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