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Set goals instead of resolutions

We make New Year's resolutions every year, but the chances of keeping track of our New Year's resolutions are very low. Sometimes the New Year has already arrived, but you've forgotten about your previous resolutions. So, what difference does a goal make?

Let's look at three major reasons why having a goal is preferable to making New Year's resolutions yearly basis!

Better Track Record #trackrecord

When Creating a resolution it's often about you stating your resolution and after sometime you forget about it. But setting goals is different because goals are more specific so focusing on a goal is easier. You could also define a goal as the finish line of a task, and if you finish your goal you could write down what goal you've finished and proceed to another task, a very good way of keeping track of your goal.

Create Healthy Routines #healthyroutines

Creating a continuous goal like drinking a gallon of water everyday for a month inspires you to finish tasks before the target date. This will benefit you in creating healthy routines even after you've reached your goal. In contrast to resolutions, which we abandon once they are broken, these routines will be with you for a long time...

Save energy #SaveEnergy

A goal redirects your attention and guides you on where you should focus your energy. You'll discover that you are more effective and efficient with how you use your time and energy if you create clear goals for yourself and divide them into manageable, smaller tasks.

So overall, adopting specific goals rather than making general New Year's resolutions enables us to attain our objectives more quickly and effectively while also creating wholesome daily routines that stick to us even after the objective has been reached.

Now you know what to do instead of merely making resolutions in every year, set concrete, attainable goals! You'll see that you'll be more prosperous this year!

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