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The Importance of Visibility for Virtual Assistants

A lot of people keep asking us questions such as, “How do I become more popular among clients?”, or ”How do I get more clients to see me?”. These are the questions that most VA’s want the question because after all, who doesn’t want to attract more clients, right?

Well, the answer and what most VA’s are lacking can be summarized in one word – visibility. It’s a simple concept yet not many VA’s are aware of it or are able to achieve it.

You see, visibility is essential in our field. It now only ensures that you have reached among a large audience, but also makes sure that you have a powerful brand that you can grow with confidence!

Getting the right clients

Having the visibility that you need makes you more likely to land in the sights of the right clients. With this, you can be sure that the clients you get are the perfect ones for you!

An example of this is if you are confident in your video editing skills, and a client happens to see your post with your video editing project, then they will be more likely to be your client since you will be among the first ones that they will see.

After all, how can you be hired by any client if they can’t see you, right?

Investing in visibility

Making visibility a part of your priorities for your business will net you a large ROI. You see, you can work out all the details of scaling your business or not, but at the end of the day, if you have no clients that will earn you income, then everything else will fall apart.

So make sure to grow your business by making yourself as visible as possible to other people. Making sure you have a good amount of clients first is a surefire way for you to be able to expand and grow your business even more later.


Visibility is an ever important, yet often overlooked part of growing any business and this applies to us VA’s too since getting clients is an integral part of our business model.

Therefore, don’t skimp out on investing in your visibility. This makes you more likely to be found by new clients and build your portfolio even more. This will also make you gain clients that will stay with you in the long run!

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