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The Keys to Growing Your Brand Online

If you’re a social media manager or own a social media page for your business, then you know all about the struggle of growing your engagement online. You also know how hard it is to build a community from the ground up. Most of all, you also know how important it is for a brand to have a thriving social media page.

With that said, just as there are plenty of ways we can grow our brands online, there are also things we shouldn’t do when trying to do so. One of which that we often encounter is engaging with bigger social media pages and telling them how much you support them without actually giving them a follow at the very least!

Another thing most new social media managers do is spam the likes and comments of another brand’s post. We get that you want to get noticed by your target audience that may also be among that brand’s audience. However, by simply spamming their every post, commenting, and not even following them, seems very tiring and inauthentic.

We must remember that people are generally smarter than we give them credit for and this is also true for other people with bigger social media pages. You can message them how much you like their content and how you want to collaborate together, but if they check your profile and see that you don’t actually follow other people back, then they’ll know you aren’t genuinely looking to work with them. They will know that you are just using them to boost up your own page without offering much in return.

Remember that just like you, they’ve also had to work their way up to get where they are now. So how should we approach growing our brand online?

Follow back and engage genuinely

Like what we’ve said, people can detect sincerity or the lack of it even online. People know when you’re not being genuine with them or if you have ulterior motives. You wouldn’t want another person messaging you constantly out of the blue just because they know you're more famous, right?

So before anything else, make sure you follow them back and engage authentically.

Engage not just for the sake of engaging

Speaking of genuine engagement, don’t just comment on every post that other people share, especially without knowing the background context or even the content of their post!

It may have been an inside joke, something serious, or even something that’s just for their own community. So make sure you genuinely understand and appreciate the content that they share and engage based on that so you appear more genuine.

Build trust and value

In both online and face-to-face social situations, we always want to associate with people we can trust and those that can give us value. So build up trust instead of just the number of engagements with them that you have, and most of all, build your own value. In this case, other people themselves will come to you and know that you have something to offer. Other brands may also start reaching out to you once they know that your brand can add something that they need.


All in all, the keys to growing your brand online are to be genuine and sincere in your interactions, build up trust, and build your own distinct value– something that only you can offer on the plate. In this way, you do not appear to be desperate for other people’s attention or approval. Rather, you’re building yourself up slowly and just letting people know that you exist and are going to be helpful through your engagement with other social media brands.

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