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The Most Essential Tools and Skills for VA’s Right Now

Still not confident in what you can offer as a Virtual Assistant (VA) and feel overwhelmed with all the new possibilities? Worry no more! As we are here to help provide you with the tools to take your VA career to the next level!

Let us tell you the truth right from the start. Not all tools or skills are created equal. Some are more efficient and useful than others. There are options for VA tools out there that are just plain cash grabs and can’t be used without paying a certain amount

Well, don’t worry as here is a list of the most valued and in-demand tools/skills that you may already have or can easily learn in a relatively short amount of time! These incredibly valuable tools are the following:

1. Trello

  • For starters, VA’S need to know how to make schedules. This includes their own time as well. Second, Trello is a fantastic tool for project management no matter how large or small scale it is.

  • It is also quite intuitive to use, and you can learn it in a short period of time.

  • Working with multiple clients is also no problem as their boards won’t overlap with each other enabling you to handle them more efficiently.

  • The best part is that it is mostly free. So, unless your team needs an extra-large storage, then you won’t have to pay for a plan.

2. Square appointments

  • Another fantastic way to organize your time and maximize productivity. It is easy to use and allows you to book appointments with multiple clients at different times while keeping you on track of the time and date. It also has a number of features which includes credit card payments which can be done through this platform

  • You may need to sign up to use the site, but most of the features are free and it is still quite useful even without a monthly subscription.

3. Squarespace

  • There are countless clients out there looking for people to build a website for their brand. Even if you aren’t a master programmer, Squarespace is here for you to build your very first website.

  • Its user interface is intuitive and beginner-friendly, so you’ll have no problems learning its systems. There are also no plugins required for you to use it and has a lot of website options prebuilt into its systems.

  • It costs only $12 per month annually or you can opt to pay $18 per month if you want to make your website live.


  • This is essentially our one-stop-shop for everything design related. Their user interface is incredibly user friendly, and there’s tons of free templates for you to use too! It’s also easy to learn and finding what you need is no hassle.

  • Another great thing about Canva is that you don’t have to be a graphic design expert if you want to create convincing posters, catchy banners, or even sleek presentations.

  • As a VA, Canva is an indispensable tool that will come in handy in your entire career.

  • Like Trello, most of the templates and assets are also free, but if you want to take it to the next level and have access to more than 300,000 premium assets, templates, and additional storage, then upgrading to the pro version for $12.95 per month is a great option.

5.Facebook management

  • If you’ve ever used Facebook, then you’re already one step closer to this skill. Facebook management basically means managing a brand’s Facebook page or group. This involves moderating comments on your posts, responding to the client queries, and regularly updating and posting marketing graphics on the brand’s social media account.

  • The best thing is, it’s completely free and easy to do especially if you like to spend time on social media.

6.Facebook ads

  • On a related note to Facebook management, this involves setting the brand or company’s image up on Facebook or other related social media platforms. You have to create a marketing campaign and know your specific target audience. You will also have to monitor how well your ads and marketing campaign are doing and improve it as time goes by to reach more potential customers.

  • Unlike Facebook management though, this skill/tool costs some money to run since of course, you are putting up ads on a platform. However, with how popular Facebook is as a platform, you can be sure to get what your money’s worth.

7.Pinterest Management

  • Similar to Facebook management, you will also have to learn to use Pinterest as a marketing tool to help a brand establish its image. Many business owners have realized the potential for getting more customers through this platform and are thus looking for people with skills that can help them.

  • You will have to use keywords on your pins that are SEO-friendly if you want your brand’s posts to be seen more frequently on the platform.

  • You can look up tutorials online about this or simply learn about it as you go along the way because it is completely free to learn as a skill.

8.Setting up webinars

  • With the pandemic upon us, webinars are becoming more commonplace than they were ever before. Marketers and companies have also turned to it when it comes to getting people on board. It includes online presentations, courses, and other programs to give people information about a specific subject most likely related to the company’s products or services.

  • Now, why would anyone want help with webinars? Trust us, a lot of people are looking for help in this area. Not because of its difficulty, but rather because of the time, it consumes for them which could be spent more productively.

  • It also doesn’t cost a single penny to learn how to set up webinars as there are also tutorials online and all you need is practice and a reliable platform such as Google meet or Zoom.

9. Leadpages

  • Just like its name might suggest, Leadpages helps you build landing pages. This helps convert a mere visitor into a full-pledged customer.

  • Having the skill to make landing pages is also incredibly valuable in the field of VA’s. Tons of clients seek VA’s for this purpose and hire ones that have this specific skill as well.

  • To fully enjoy Leadpages, you can start at $25/month (paid annually), or go for the monthly $48 payment.


  • Of course, this list of VA tools and skills wouldn’t be complete without an email service provider, right?

  • This platform useful especially for podcasters, bloggers, and other similar content creators who are looking to build their audiences through emails.

  • This platform holds email addresses for an email list and assists you in sending out newsletters, and other promotional material to your subscribers.

  • It’s also one of the easiest to learn amongst all similar platforms and you can get it for only $29 per month (which might increase depending on the number of subscribers).

These are the most in-demand tools and services in the VA field right now. So, if you’ve already learned or mastered some of these, then congratulations! You’re already doing great. If you’re not familiar with any of these yet, then what are you waiting for? Start now.

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