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The Top 6 Tips for Goal Planning

There are times when we are faced with questions such as, “How do I set my goals for this year?”, “Do I set goals for the week, for the month, or every day?”, “How do I get started?”.

Luckily for you, we are here to help you out with this struggle. You see, goal planning is essential in achieving any sort of accomplishment both as an individual and also as an organization. Without goal planning, goals are just dreams meant to be washed away with time along with our motivation.

You see, to start with goal planning, we have to know what our goals are first. A ship can’t sail without the captain knowing where they are headed first and a treasure hunter doesn’t go out without a clear treasure as their objective. This is why the first thing you need to possess is a clear destination or the goal you want to achieve.

So what are the steps we need to do in order to plan for our goals?


Just write down each and every single one of your goals. List down everything that comes into mind and don’t worry about being organized or clean for now.

Along with the goals, you may also brainstorm your mantra to get you into the right mindset. You can do this by listing out positive words such as “Fulfilled”, “Cherished”, “Happiness”, etc.

Narrow it down

After narrowing it down, you probably have a lot of things written down on your notes. You probably realized how much you really want to accomplish with your life. However, having more isn’t always good!

In this step, you should narrow down the priority goals that you want to achieve at the moment. Eliminate the lower priority ones and the ones that take too much time and effort but are not really worth it.

Narrow it down to the most important goals that you have at the moment. Then write how exactly you plan to achieve it. List down the steps you will need to take in order to get closer to your goal.

Create your narrative

Tell yourself how exactly you’re going to achieve your goals. Tell yourself a story about your life and how you are going to work towards your goals and visualize yourself while doing it. Visualizing yourself working towards and achieving your goals is very helpful in achieving your goals.

Make a vision board

What is a vision board? Well just as the name says, a vision board is a place where you conceptualize the things that you want to achieve such as your goals. You can use anything from a simple space in your wall that you can fill with notes, magazine cutouts, etc., to even a digital vision board. Simply make sure that you can see this vision board easily and is not hidden away.

Take action

Taking the first step is always the most difficult. However, getting started with small steps is how we all begin our journeys. Making small, consistent progress every day is still a lot better than doing nothing at all.


Once you follow these and have them on your system, you can apply these tips to any kind of goal. Whether it’s for your individual or organizational goals, or if it’s your annual, monthly, or weekly goals. Using these tips can help you achieve your goals a lot faster than the average person. So what are you waiting for Go out there and start achieving your goals.

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