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Things You Need to Know in Your 30’s

For a lot of us, it’s the time we finally start “Adulting” as we are fresh out of college. There are also those who are looking forward to building their careers, and there are others in their late twenties contemplating if they took the right paths in their lives.

It can be quite overwhelming as it is our first time to be in this age after all, and there isn’t always someone out there to guide us on what we need to do. So, if you are also in your adulting stage and you have no idea what you are doing right now, then this article is for you.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Life isn’t a competition #stressfree

School may have taught us that we need to be the best of the best and that we need to beat our peers in many aspects. While that is true to some extent in the corporate world, in general, it really isn’t.

Life isn’t going to be a competition nor is it going to be a race. We don’t need to prove ourselves to other people to gain their approval. The only one whose opinion we truly need is ourselves.

So treat others as an inspiration instead of a competition. We are allowed to help each other grow as individuals and there is plenty of room in this world for everyone!

Build your network #buildnetwork

Not many of us are taught about how important one’s network really is. Having the right set of friends can spell the difference between a disaster and a bright future for our lives. Those with the right network can find themselves the right kind of opportunities that they need in order to grow themselves personally and professionally.

So get out there and build the right network that will benefit you more in the future.

We are free to cut off people #cutoffpeople

Speaking of building the right kind of network or social circle, remember that you are also free to ignore or cut people off from yourself. While we don't necessarily mean burning bridges as much as you can, you must remember that if somebody is being toxic or a bad influence in your life, then you are very much free to cut them off.

Most of us are too shy or too weak-willed to cut toxic people off even if we know they aren;t doing us any good. So keep this in mind and cut toxic relationships off from your life.

Be financially literate #financialliterate

No matter what your major in college was, it does not hurt to make yourself more business minded or financially literate these days. If you can, then we even suggest you take some business classes and know the ins and outs of financial management.

Why? This is because being more financially literate can allow us to avoid the mistakes of those around us and we can save ourselves from a mountain of unnecessary debts!

Read books #readbooks

You may have heard of this before, but it truly is important to make a habit of reading books. Whether it’s a physical or a digital book, it’s important to set aside time to read every day. This helps us brush up on our vocabulary and helps us acquire new knowledge every day!

Money can buy happiness #moneycanbuyhappiness

Too often we’ve been told that money doesn’t buy happiness when this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Money does buy happiness in more ways than one. Whether it’s buying a first-class ticket to travel around the world, being able to eat at high-quality restaurants, being able to go on dates, or simply being able to provide food on the table for your loved ones, money can help us achieve the happiness that we can get from such acts.

So the next time someone discourages you from an opportunity to earn higher because apparently, money doesn't buy happiness for them, remember that they most likely haven’t thought of how it feels to not have money in their pockets.

Prioritize your career #prioritizecareer

Too often we’ve seen people blinded by love to the point that they give up high-paying jobs in order to chase the love of their lives. Don’t be one of those people because more often than not, they always regret it as they realize that the other person has not done the same thing for them or isn’t even willing to take the same risks as they did.

Then they end up holding all their sacrifices over the other person and the relationship turns sour.

So make sure to not fall for this trap and always prioritize yourself and your career. Only give up your job if you are being offered a better position. If not, then focus on building your career and everything else will fall into the right place.


These are some of the most important things you need to keep in mind in your twenties. We understand that this can be an overwhelming period of your life so make sure to keep all of these in mind as they can serve as a guide for you and lead you to the right decisions. The decisions you make will now be wiser and you will be less likely to regret them later on in life!

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