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Tips To Help You Land A Client

We have seen countless times how Virtual Assistants get frustrated as they fail to land the client they’ve been pursuing for a long time. Imagine seeing all your efforts go to waste as the client goes to another service provider instead of you. Worry no more! In this article, we’ve got some tips to help you land those clients.

The first thing that you need to do is to get your client through all the onboarding processes. This can help you identify what problems or issues they have and let you think of how you can be the best person to help them with such issues.

There are different onboarding processes that VA’s can have, but when it comes to landing clients, this is generally what the process might look like for most VA’s that we’ve seen:

  1. Pursuing a prospective client by establishing contact.

  2. Booking an appointment with the client.

  3. Setting up their onboarding process for them.

  4. Giving the contract to the prospective client.

  5. Waiting….

  6. Waiting…

  7. Following up with the client about the contract in case it takes some time.

  8. Waiting…

  9. And…Not landing the client.

  10. Not getting paid!

Familiar, right? It’s the same monotonous pattern that almost everyone follows and fails at.

However, do you know how to surely land that client?

Ask for payment first.

Yes, you’ve heard it. This may sound aggressive, but while you’re on your Discovery call with them, or within your emails, send an offer or request to them to avail your monthly retainer package and give them a link that takes them directly to your website.

Now, why would they buy it? This is where the sense of urgency comes in handy. Tell them how you only have limited slots left for the month and surely a lot of them will feel the sense of urgency to book those limited slots because as we all know, the rare something is, the more valuable it becomes.

Now that you’ve got the money, all you have to do is ask the client to sign the contract with you and you can start working together and done! There you go, you’ve not only been able to secure payment upfront, but you’ve also landed a contract with your client!

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