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Tips to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

Engaging with others is one of the best ways you can build a community for your brand. What better place to start than Instagram, right?

Building these communities and engaging with others allows you to build relationships and have a connection with others. These are especially good when they are with people and clients who share the same values as you. Moreover, since Instagram is one of the most prominent social media sites, it can be easier for you to reach even more people around the world.

They can help you build your brand and boost your business even more. So luckily for you, here are some tips you can use to have more engagement with your target audience on Instagram:

Leave a nice comment

Whether it’s someone’s post or on an IG live, try to leave a nice comment. This makes you seem more like a genuine person or brand rather than just a faceless entity trying to sell them your items.

React to stories

Instagram stories are quick and easy to view. Give out some reactions to your followers and community to let them know that you see them. This will give you more interaction in less time too!

Send a DM

Direct messages as the name suggests are a great way to connect with your audience. Sending some to your favorite accounts can also even land you a deal with them sometimes that will be useful for promotions.

Turn your notifications on

Speaking of your favorite accounts, you might also want to turn your notifications on for them. This will keep you updated whenever they post something new. So you could be one of the first ones who comment on their posts.

This will have their thousands of followers see your comment right at the very top and perhaps get them interested in you as well!

Interact with the comments

On the same note as the tips above, you will want to interact with the other comments on another big account’s post. This will let their target audience know that you are also there aside from the big account itself...

Click the hashtags #hashtags

You must be familiar with the hashtags in your industry. Know what’s currently trending and the most relevant. Click it and interact with the people using the hashtags. This is an easy way for you to find your target audience and let them know that you are there to provide content or products for them!

Therefore, these are some of the tips and tricks you can utilize to boost your engagement on Instagram. If you want more engagement on your posts from your target audience, then you must interact with them first. Follow these tips and you’ll surely see growth in your following list, and engagement. Remember to follow or subscribe to us too for more!

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