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Top 10 Email Tricks You Wish Someone Told You Earlier

When it comes to emails, you are either the type who has organized lists, folders, and no new mails or the one who has 1000 unread emails both from work and spam newsletters from sites you never even use.

Now, for the first type, they’re the ones who get things done every day. They don’t spend hours rummaging through their mails and deleting countless amounts of unneeded push notifications. While the second type of people is the ones most likely like you.

If you want to be the first type of person when it comes to emails, then we’ve got just the right thing for you! In this article, you will be learning about the top 8 email tricks nobody ever told you before. So sit tight and after using this you will be sifting through your emails like a boss.

Don’t overcomplicate your email address

Let’s start from the most basic. By this point, we’re at least sure you’re not using some email address like, now, are you? You’re not using something like this...right? If so, then another piece of advice you’ll find useful is to keep your email address as simple as possible. Use ones like this makes it easier for your clients to find you and distinguish you from the rest.

Manage to undo sent emails

How many times have you sent an important email only to realize moments later that you didn’t attach the file you were supposed to? Or how many times have you sent an email accidentally without even finishing the sentence you’re typing? These encounters are rather common and are a recurring nightmare for those whose jobs involve sending a lot of emails. However, it can be prevented!

Look at the right-hand side of Gmail, click the gear icon, and select settings. Enable the “Undo send” option. Then go to the general tab, and find “Undo send”. Click the drop-down menu and select whether you want this option to appear for 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds after you click send.

Searching for attachments

If you are looking for an email with a specific attachment, then you can narrow down your search results to simply by using the phrase “has:attachment” in the search box for Gmail. This makes your search more specific and allows you to find the attachment more quickly.

Use templates

Why would you bother writing the same emails over and over again? When you can just make a template. For Gmail, you will need to enable this setting by clicking the gear icon, then go to Labs and search for Canned Responses then click enable. Now, when you want to save an email you made as a template, select the “More Options” in the toolbar at the bottom of the message. Select “Canned responses”, then look for “New Canned Response” under save from the menu that appears. Type in the name for your template and click Save.

To use your saved Canned Response, simply compose a new email, click the downward-facing triangle and choose the template that you want under Insert.

Turn notifications off

Too often we see the email notifications pop up at the bottom right corner of our laptop screen or hear our phone ring for new emails coming in. Silence these notifications and you’ll find yourself more focused on what you are doing rather than on sending a quick reply to these emails.

One-click rule

Make it a point for yourself to open emails only once. You will either reply, delete or report them to spam. This makes managing your emails a lot easier in the future! You won’t have to deal with the monstrosity of 1000 unopened emails from the sender you don’t even remember.

Smart Compose

This is a very smart feature found on Gmail and other email platforms. Essentially, you let the program compose your email for you. In Gmail, you have to click the gear icon to go to the settings and under the option, find “Try new Gmail”. Once activated, go back to the settings and enable “Experimental Access”. Save changes and load Gmail again and you can now make emails more efficiently through Smart Compose.

Specified inbox

Different email services have various ways of classifying your mail to make it easier for you to view them. For Gmail, simply click the downward-facing triangle beside the box and it should show you the different inboxes that you have such as read, unread, starred and etc.


This is another handy feature that allows you to quickly sift through your mail. Go to “Manage your labels” found on the left side once you click “More”. Then you can find the categories that your emails are in and you can choose which ones you want to show or hide in your inbox.

Block senders

Too often we encounter sites whose newsletters fill our inboxes to the brim and sometimes there are sites that we use whose notifications flood our emails as well. We wouldn’t want them to overshadow important mails from coworkers or from clients, right? Simply open an email from one of these senders and click on the three dots on the upper right and select “Block _____” to stop receiving emails from this sender.

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