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Top Tasks You Can Assign to Your Virtual Assistant

Most entrepreneurs have a hard time delegating tasks to others. They’ve become so used to doing multiple tasks by themselves everyday that they find it difficult to entrust these to somebody else.

However, as an entrepreneur, you might want to try having a virtual assistant (VA) They are not like regular full-time employees. In fact, they might even be a better option! VA’s are considered as independent contractors/freelancers who do most administrative, support, and other types of tasks and functions that you want them to specialize in.

Working with a VA might feel a bit awkward especially if you’re not the type to rely on or get along with others easily, but no worries! Here are some tasks you can easily delegate to your VA:

Management of e-mails

Sorting through mails has to be one of the most frustrating and time-consuming tasks that all business owners have to do. So, if you don’t want to go through all this trouble, you can always assign it to your VA. This task is perfect as they are working remotely, they can manage your emails from anywhere around the world!

You can count on them to sort, file, and organize these emails and even send emails to different departments that need your attention.


Coordinating the schedules of professionals is no easy feat. There will always be some conflicts resulting in an appointment being canceled or postponed.

However, with a VA you can easily schedule appointments with clients, have sales meetings with different departments, and many others as VA’s can handle it for you.

Social and Personal Tasks

You don’t always have to stick to rigid orders when it comes to your VA. In fact, you can even order them to do social and personal tasks such as writing holiday cards, birthday cards, and preparing gifts for clients or employees. They can also arrange for the delivery of flowers and other surprises you want to prepare for somebody.

Data Analysis

Having problems churning out numbers with so much raw data? A VA can help you with that too! Whenever you have raw data such as your company’s performance for a certain quarter, and you need someone to start churning out the statistics that you need to see, then VA’s can do the grunt work for you. They can easily show you and keep you updated about your company’s performance.


Before you can churn out statistics, you of course have to be able to collect the raw data that you need. VA’s can help with this too! Whether you need data about social media engagements, sales and profit margins for a product, or any kind of research that can help you build your company, VA’s have handy skills when it comes to all of this. Hence, you can also ask them to do this part of the research for you.

Social Media Management

Speaking of social media, VA’s are also your perfect social media managers to make your company’s presence known all over any platform of social media. They can help you design your product’s tone and voice along with what kind of approach you will take in order to approach your target audiences. They can even share with you the latest trends especially when it comes to social media marketing and social media research on how to best reach your target audience online to create more customers.

Creation of Content

As VA’s are most often also expert social media managers, they also have a wealth of experience when it comes to content creation. Whether it’s posters, blogs, ads, or infographics, VA’s will always have your back!

They can even help you with your SEO and make more people able to find your company with a single search on Google or other platforms. This will whelp your company to reach more target audiences and help you develop more customers in the process.


In conclusion, these are some of the tasks you can easily delegate to your VA’s. remember that VA’s have a wide array of skillset. If what you are looking for wasn’t mentioned here, then you can simply search for the right VA using the right platforms and you will land yourself with the right VA that fits all of your needs!

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