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Top Things You Need to Stop Doing to Become a Successful

We all want to be rich in life. Whether it’s in material means or not, when we are abundant with the resources that we need to pursue happiness in life, we are able to live our lives more contentedly. Most of all, we do not fear sudden crises because we have the means to get ourselves back up from them.

So in terms of being rich financially, many of us should start somewhere and that place is usually thinking of wanting to become a millionaire. After all, who doesn’t want millions of dollars in their bank accounts, right?

Now, you have probably already read articles about what you should do to become a millionaire. However, what about the things we shouldn’t do? What are the things we should avoid doing? Well here are your answers:

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination is one of the most common enemies everyone faces around the world. It’s also one of the main hindrances when it comes to achieving success in our lives as it stops us from utilizing our time well and achieving our full potential.

So it might seem easier said than done, but it is still very much a necessary step if we want to achieve our goals.

Stop making excuses

In line with procrastinating, another thing that we have to stop doing is making up a bunch of excuses in order to dodge responsibility or consequences. This will never do us any favors and will only make us get used to relying on excuses whenever things get hard and we don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves anymore.

This will only make us cowards and will not let us grow as a person. So if you want to be someone who takes the necessary risks, leads people, and becomes richer through their endeavors, then stop making excuses instead, we should start taking action and making things better for ourselves and those around us with our own hands.

Stop saying yes to everything

Being a people pleaser is one of the downfalls of even the most productive people in the workforce. Simply saying yes to everyone’s requests around you at the expense of your own time and productivity is never going to do you well. No one will thank you sincerely enough for all the missed opportunities you have brought upon yourself. So stop saying yes to everything.

Saying yes to everyone’s whims makes it clear to them that you are a pushover and tolerate their lazy behavior. So stop letting them walk all over you and learn to stand your ground.

You must also remember to stop trying to please everyone by saying yes all the time or by neglecting yourself. No one is ever going to prioritize you more than yourself so do it and give yourself the priority and importance that you deserve.

Stop doubting yourself

Sometimes we are also our own worst enemies. The negative and intrusive thoughts often overpower our own thoughts and there’s very little we can do about it most of the time. However, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Stop doubting yourself by practicing positive self-talk and motivating yourself whenever there’s a big task coming up. Confidence doesn’t grow overnight, but we can always start somewhere. Who knows? We might be the only ones holding ourselves back after all this time.

Stop relying only on yourself

It might be hard to trust other people to do our work, but there are times when the workload is simply too much for us. This is especially true if you are running your own business. There will be a lot of tasks coming at you that you won’t have enough time to do all by yourself.

At times like these, it will be truly helpful if we could outsource the manpower and effort by hiring other people. Yes, it might cost money, but the return on investment is being able to grow your business and expand the amount of work you can complete every day.

It isn’t bad to rely on yourself per se, but you must also know how or when to utilize your time more efficiently. For instance, when mundane tasks such as answering calls, and emails, setting up your schedule, and setting a meeting with clients take up too much of your time instead of allowing you to work on things that will improve your business, then it’s definitely time to hire someone else such as a virtual assistant (VA) to help you with all your tasks.

Stop neglecting your health

Our health is one of the most precious things we often take for granted. We often overwork and fatigue ourselves without care for our well-being thinking that we must finish our tasks no matter what it takes. Then when our health is in danger, it becomes too late by the time we realize it.

It might sound cliché, but our health is truly our wealth. This is because all the fortune and wealth we’ve amassed by sacrificing our health will mean nothing if we lose our health and end up spending it all on our hospital bills. So we better take care of our health if we want to pursue any kind of wealth in the long run!

Stop relying on one source of income

Last but definitely not least, this is one of the most common misconceptions people have and it’s quite often overlooked. Not all of us are in jobs let alone in situations that will ensure that we can save up to a million dollars or a large amount of money. Not to mention the rising prices of basic goods due to inflation around the world.

So the best way you can combat this is by getting multiple sources of income. You wouldn't want to rely only on your day job for a source of payment as you will become more vulnerable to any financial or work trouble. So try to build up as many sources of income as you can. Whether it’s by starting up a business, taking commissions, or having different side hustles.


These are some of the key things that you have to stop doing if you want to reach a million dollars within your lifetime. Each person’s circumstances vary so you may want to apply as many as you can to your life for a better chance of success.

Hence, now we know not only the things we should do but also the things we must avoid and stop doing if we want to be more successful in life.

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