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Top Three Tips Every Virtual Assistant Must Know

The virtual assistant (VA) industry is a thriving one. This comes about after the rising need for online and remote work brought by the pandemic. There are more opportunities to be found nowadays than there were before. However, just as there are more opportunities and clients to be found today if you know where to look, there is also a lot more competition that is vying for the same opportunities as you are.

This is why some new Virtual Assistants find it even harder to thrive these days despite the prevalence of remote work. Some may even give up along the way due to being overwhelmed. However, that doesn’t have to be you!

So if you are a new Virtual Assistant or even an experienced Virtual Assistant looking for ways to set yourself up to thrive in this industry, then you are at the right place! Here are the top three most helpful tips every Virtual Assistant must know:

Prioritize your page #prioritizeyourpage

Every VA must have its own page. Whether it’s on a website or on a social media site. It’s somewhere you direct your clients and potential clients to contact you for your services. Your page is basically yourself. It gives your clients and potential clients the first impression of who you are and what services you offer. Most of the time, they can also develop prejudice on what quality of work or amount of rate they will expect from you based on your page alone!

So go and work on your page as much as possible. Yes, it’s important to work on clients’ commissions for their pages, but your top priority and the first thing that you have to set up before others’ pages is your own.

For instance, the way you make and manage your own page can make or break any potential commissions from clients looking to hire you to make their own pages for their brands. So take your page as a chance to show off your skills and it will serve as an advertisement of itself too!

Know your market #knowyourmarket

Aiming too broadly is often the downfall of many VA businesses out there. They tend to want to do everything all at the same time thinking that it’ll get them more clients. Well, the bad news is that being a general shop will not make you appealing to a lot of clients.

What you really have to do is to find your niche. Your niche is the specific kind of products and services you can offer to your clients. In other words, this is your specialty. This is what you want to be known for amongst clients as it is more effective through word-of-mouth.

Another importance of having a niche is that you can have your own niche target audience as well. These are the kinds of clients that you specifically advertise to and target. They are the kinds of clients you will be the most used to working with and they will also be more likely to seek you out.

So narrow things down and focus on a specific target audience you want to appeal to and you can be sure of having a steady stream of new clients!

Go outside of your comfort zone #gooutsideyourcomfortzone

Life is an uphill climb. We won’t get where we are meant to be just by staying in the same spot. We must improve ourselves and choose to get uncomfortable for the sake of improving. So go out there and go beyond your comfort zone!

What this can mean for us as VA. is that we must continuously improve many aspects of our skills. Whether it’s negotiating skills, hard skills, or soft skills, we must be better than who we were in the past. In this way, any increase in the prices of our rate for our VA business will always be warranted.


These are the top three tips every VA like you must know. Some of it may seem easy enough or too familiar for you, but the amount of VAs missing out on these tips is truly astounding.

It’s never too late for us to improve ourselves as VA and as a person. As we go along our journey in this industry, what we know and how passionate we are can make a lot of difference. It can even be a deciding factor on whether we will thrive or be drowned out by the competition. So follow these tips and forge your own path as a VA!

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