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What's stopping you from starting that business idea you've had for years?

You see, 99% of people in this world want to make money. Who doesn't? However, only 1% of people succeeded! It's not because 99% of people aren't motivated enough to work hard—they are! Some of them excel at what they do.

The issue is that they cannot see the essence of business.

"I can't do it."

"I don't have time."

"My investment might plummet."

This is just a part of a long list of alibis. You're not even starting, and you've already given up. Think about this! (What if it all worked out?)

You should know that you can always make money from the right group of audience members. Today, I’ll give you six types of audiences.

WOMEN #women

Did you see any well-known vloggers or influencers? Most of them own skincare businesses! Women would pay to be beautiful or to have self-confidence. They adore going shopping and buying things that make them feel amazing and beautiful! Yes, girls adore cosmetics.

For example, do you want to have clear skin? Here come glutathione, kojic acid, and papaya soap. Want to glow up? Here comes collagen, fish oil, etc. Need to lose weight? Slimming pills have arrived.

LAZY PEOPLE #lazypeople

Whether they realize it or not, these people are always looking for a shortcut. Too lazy to cook? Online delivery is one tap away. No time to clean? Home cleaning services are always available.

Lazy people are willing to pay for solutions; everyone does.

ADULTS AND OLD PEOPLE #adultpeople #oldpeople

Oldies have very limited strength, but you can make their lives better, happier, and healthier. There are not many enterprises on the market that cater to the elderly. Not many. You can take this opportunity and start a business in this industry. They are willing to pay for ease and quality of life.

Some elderly people are not allowed to move heavy objects, while others can't remember their pills, so they employ a nanny to take care of the housework and give them their supplements.

TEENAGERS AND YOUNGSTERS #teenagers #youngsters

Education, toys, and gadgets are the small things that make children happy, and parents want to provide joy and a stable future for their children.

If their children have a need, they will buy it. For example, they choose the best school for their children's education. They don’t have time to take care of their kids? They hire a nanny.

PET LOVERS #petlovers

Many people in this generation own pets. You'd be surprised at how much individuals are prepared to pay just to give their pets a better life. Furmoms and fathers treat their dogs as if they were their children. They have vitamins, clothes, bedding, and upkeep.

The problem is that most of their owners are busy or at work, and that’s where the money comes in.

For example, do you lack time for a dog bath? Leave it to the groomers; there are also dog walkers and dog daycare if you ever go on vacation.

MEN #men

Nowadays, not only women have a skincare regimen, but guys are also concerned with their appearance, so they have a skin routine with their men's products and items for their daily hygiene.

Have you noticed that men prefer this look for their outfits and accessories and that you only have retail stores for men? Just like women, men like what makes them look good, so they will purchase it.

Shopping has always been associated with women since women are more naturally inclined to spend money on mundane items. However, men now have their own set of requirements that must be satisfied.

So you see. There are a lot of opportunities for these target markets. You just need to figure out what kind of products or services they need.

With all this information presented before you, I'm sure you've created your own ideas now, but it's not about the ideas, for real; it's about making them happen.

"Let us meet again, future entrepreneurs."

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