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What Type of VA Are You?

There are many different kinds of virtual assistants (VA) and knowing which one you are can not only be fun but also be beneficial to you as well! This is because by knowing your personality type as a VA you can better figure out all your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, it can also help you in dealing with multiple clients as you know which ones you will get along with the best and which ones will work the most efficiently with you!

With all of that said, what are the types of VA? Surely there must be one for every VA out there, right? Well here are the kinds of VA you may or may not have heard about before:


These are the kinds of VA’s who excel in organizing and mobilizing tools and people for a project. They have a knack for being well-organized not only for their desk but also with their time management and role delegations.

VA’s in this type excel in tasks like being a social media strategist, workflow manager, director of operations, systems specialist, virtual bookkeepers, and many more!


VA’s in this field have much more in-depth knowledge when it comes to specific tasks or skills. They often have many projects under their belts and can excel in projects not everybody can assist with.

You can find them often working as website developers, website managers, SEO specialists, tech VA’s, ad managers, google analytics specialists, and others.


This is another kind of VA’s that we can often find. These VA’s are also often organized and can assist you in a variety of ways. This is why most of the time, you can find them as, travel coordinators, personal or even executive assistants, event coordinators, and many more!


If you have quite the spirit for creativity, then this might be the one for you. The VA’s in this category are known for their artistic instincts, and for their creative talents. They can come up with novel designs that clients themselves couldn’t have come up with.

VA’s with this amount of talent often work as graphic designers, copywriters, video editors, website designers, blog managers, photo editors, and others.

Social butterfly

Last but not the least, this kind of VA’s are the ones who get along well with people easily in real life, or at least they know how to handle people and their temper especially online. This is why you’ll often see them as social media managers, email managers, community managers, Instagram managers, YouTube managers, or LinkedIn experts.

In conclusion, there are many kinds of VA’s out there and if you find yourself among the categories listed above, then great! This will help you a lot in knowing yourself better, finding which kinds of projects you’ll love to participate in, and what kind of clients you can handle the best. Hence, feel free to use this as a reference to help get to know yourself better! Or If you looking for AWESOME AND MULTI POWER VIRTUAL ASSISTANT, let's talk and let me help you.

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