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Where You Should Promote Your VA Blog Posts

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Looking for ways to promote your blog posts? If so, then you came to the right place! Blog posts are a great way to promote your Virtual Assistant (VA) services online. You can go into detail about your capabilities, rates, experience and so much more. You can even use your blog post to get some ad revenue if you get enough website traffic. So not only will you be able to promote your services as a VA, but you might even potentially earn some money!

However, what good would it do if people never came to your website, right? This is why it is important for you to know how exactly you can attract more people to come and read your blog post. Thus, here are some ways you can get more people convinced to read your blog posts:

Facebook Pages 

This is probably one of the easiest and most effective ways that you can promote your blog posts. As we all know, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms these days. What better way to reach more people than this platform?

However, your Facebook page will not grow nor promote itself on its own. You need to get people to see your page’s posts for you to be able to promote your blog posts there. Perhaps start with getting a few of your friends and family to like and share with your friends.

It will probably take a while before your page gets thousands of followers, but once you do, this Facebook page will be a priceless asset in promoting your VA blogs!

Facebook Groups

Following Facebook pages are Facebook groups, of course! Facebook groups can help gather your specific target audience into a single place. Whether it’s for people looking for something to buy, or for someone to help write something for them, there will always be a Facebook group tailor-made just for them!

Therefore, it is important to remember to join these groups as well and promote your VA blogs. In this way, you will be able to reach your target audiences more quickly. Simply remember to abide by the rules so you won’t get kicked out though.


Twitter is also one of the ways you can promote your blog posts. However, much like Facebook pages, you will of course need to build up some following first in order for at least some people to see your VA blog posts because otherwise your post will get sent into social media’s oblivion. It is also important to use the right keywords and hashtags in your tweets so that the right people can easily find you.


Similarly, Instagram is also a good place to start promoting your VA blogs! With Instagram, people can easily get an idea of who you are as a VA. Thus, they will be more likely to go to your VA blog posts. Like other social media platforms, this tool becomes more powerful the more followers that you have. So remember to post regularly and in due course, you will have built up a good following!


When it also comes to reaching a specific audience, your target clients themselves can also come and reach out to you. You can do this by simply creating a LinkedIn profile. In this way, people looking for specific services and products can easily see what you have posted in your profile, so remember to post as many relevant links about your VA blogs as using this site as well!

Your email list

Your email is one of the most overlooked but most powerful tools you can use to promote your VA blogs. After all, who doesn’t check their emails these days, right? Just make sure to send it to the ones who have signed up and volunteered to get regular newsletters from you. Remember to also format your emails correctly as you don’t want to be mistaken for spam mail.


When it comes to getting people to see your content online, Pinterest is definitely one of the best sites you should check out. Not only is it easy to see relevant posts on your interests, but when people pin your posts, they can still see it after a long time. This is way better than in other social media wherein one swipe can get your post to be sent to oblivion and forgotten by the client. Thus, we would strongly recommend this one especially if you want to get more traffic to your VA blog posts.

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