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Why Good Entrepreneurs Have a VA in the New Normal

Take a look at the businesses around you. What do you see? Numerous dine-in restaurants closing everywhere, stalls are being put up for lease, and the once-bustling marketplaces are slowly becoming empty. Yet, when we take a look at companies such as Netflix and Amazon with the former raking in a total of $2.76 Billion dollars last year even as the pandemic spread around the world and is expected to earn more this year.

Entrepreneurs like us must learn to adapt and survive in this ever-changing economy and here are some ways others have done it:

  1. The closing of theaters did not stop the entertainment industry in its tracks. Instead, they turned to stream services to provide for their customers and earn some profit off of their works.

  2. As travel restrictions arose, this did not stop the companies in the tourism industry to come with ways to cater to our needs. For instance, Airbnb released a virtual reality tour that gives you the real experience of traveling right at the comfort of your own home.

  3. As restaurants cannot host large groups of people anymore due to pandemic restrictions, they had to resort to the next best thing-- deliveries. With many food delivery services and cashless methods of payment, restaurants have found a way to adapt and survive.

  4. Online shopping was already a thing before, but as we can see now with this pandemic, their business is booming with the arrival of new customers-- the mall-goers. Online shopping websites have made it as easy as possible for those new customers to transition to online shopping.

  5. Even companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have allowed their employees to have, “Flexible work” by allowing them to work at home.

What sets other business parts from the rest? Those who were able to thrive knew that they had to adapt and change according to the circumstances while those that did not make it could not keep up with the change.

Covid adaptation

When the lockdown was announced in your country, you were probably worried about how this will affect your business in the long run especially if it persists in the future.

However, not all businesses went belly up in this situation. Some who hired Virtual Assistants (VA) have even experienced growth in their business. This is because having a team of virtual assistants who work at home instead of regular full-time employees who work in an expensive rented office is a lot better considering the circumstances of our world.

A Secret Weapon

Having a virtual assistant works wonders for you! Imagine that you are a business owner during this pandemic who recently hired a VA. Your VA starts working for you even before you wake up. They start to go through your emails and clear out hundreds of spam messages that may have already accumulated. So, instead of wasting time and doing it yourself, you’ve saved a lot of time in the morning already.

With a VA, you can have somebody else doing all the time-consuming unnecessary tasks for you and you can start focusing on the tasks that really matter each day. You will never run out of time as your VA saves a lot of it for you.

Whether this pandemic is going away anytime soon or not, it’s clear that remote work has a lot of benefits whether it’s financially, emotionally, or physically speaking. With this modern setup, you are able to grow your business without being limited to the confines of a single building.

Remember that good entrepreneur always adapt and survive as they are the ones who can truly overcome any challenges ahead and one way of doing this is by switching to the more economically and practically viable option of switching to remote work with a VA.

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