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Why Should Life Coaches Get a VA?

Being a life coach can mean devoting lots of time to your work with your clients. This can leave you with very little free time for yourself let alone do some more additional tasks. So how can you, as a life coach free up more time in your schedule? Worry no more because Virtual assistants (VA) are here to help you!

Being a life coach is truly difficult, but rewarding work. Like with most things, building this passion up into an entrepreneurial endeavor can take a lot of work. You will face many responsibilities and this can take time away not only from you but from your clients as well. You need as much time as possible to be able to focus on your work with your clients.

As such, to help you achieve your business goals, here are the top reasons why you need a virtual assistant:


At some point, you will encounter a large volume of leads that need to be managed but you know you just don’t have the time to do all of it. These leads are important as they can turn into potential clients. However, you also can’t spend all your time just managing these leads.

This is where a VA comes along. You can ask them to help you manage and compile all the leads that you receive. In this way, you will have time to get new potential clients while not neglecting your current clients.


Since this is also an entrepreneurial endeavor, you need to be able to market your services well for your target audience to see them. Without marketing, you can’t ensure continued growth as the years go by for your business. This is why you also need a VA to handle this part of the business.

VA’s can help you a lot with marketing through their various skills in marketing. Things like market analytics and effective strategies will do wonders in your marketing campaign. This will also ensure that the flow of new clients never stops in your business.

Social Media

Part of marketing is social media management. In fact, in today’s world, marketing is mostly done now on social media platforms. This is why you will need the expertise of a VA in order to help you grow your following on multiple social media platforms.

They know how to manage your account and will interact and grow your social media platforms without you having to spend too much time on it yourself. Now you’re free to spend your extra time however you want!

Managing events

A central part of being a life coach is hosting events. In these events, you form more connections and establish yourself and your credibility. Hence, successful events are a must!

By having a VA, you can more successfully coordinate your events. They can be in charge of planning, negotiating, and everything else necessary for the success of your event. With this, you will have more time to get ready for your speech and other important things you have to do.

Managing your business

As we have mentioned before, managing a business can take a lot of hard work. Doing your taxes, invoicing, bookkeeping and other tasks can make your work schedule quite hectic. These are necessary tasks but aren’t the ones you should really be focusing on for the sake of your business’ growth.

You can leave all these tasks to your VA and focus on more important tasks ahead.


Doing your work as a life coach is extremely valuable. You inspire and uplift other people and guide them towards a better path. By making this an entrepreneurial endeavor you not only make sure you are properly rewarded, but you are also enabling yourself and your services to reach out to more people in the world.

This is why it’s necessary for a lot of life coaches out there to have a VA as they can empower you and boost your productivity even more. So you can focus on helping more people!

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