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Work less, Earn More!

Don’t worry, this is not a scam. This isn’t a clickbait from a fishy website either. This is an article where we share with you some tips on how you can reduce the amount of work you do, yet still earn more or the same amount of money.

Curious? Well, here are some of the real ways you can work less but earn more:

Passive income

You’ve probably heard this before but never fully understood its concept. Essentially, it's when you let money simply flow into your pockets. How on Earth does that happen you might ask? Well, there are several ways!

If you have expertise on a specific skill or any kind of skill at all. Then check out skill trading sites like Udemy or Skillshare. These sites allow you to create courses with tutorial videos wherein you teach interested learners about a specific skill or trade that you have mastered. Students buy your package and learn all about your trade. This generates passive income as you only need to make learning materials once and submit it on the platform. Over time, more and more students will buy your learning packages and that’s when your revenue will start coming.

Another way to generate passive income as a business owner is to sell memberships. Of course, you have to include attractive perks such as discounts on products or services on your membership cards for clients, but having extra income coming in passively makes it a great investment.

Investing in stocks and trading currencies (crypto or not) is also a great way to generate income. However, we recommend you study this field first before diving into it as it also entails some risk of losses if not done properly unlike the first two choices.

Invest your time (and money) wisely

How many hours of your day do you spend getting things that earn you money actually done? Versus how many hours do you spend on mundane tasks such as cleaning your emails, your desk or just handling clients? This is why automating things is important.

For example, if you could pay someone to build a website for you (which would have taken you months or years to learn) for only $200, then you spend all those months doing the things that actually earn you money and you can actually get the website that you need much more quickly than if you would have done it yourself.

In essence, learn when to invest and trade money with time and vice versa because sometimes when you buy time by hiring others, you earn more money in the end with even less effort.

Don’t sell yourself short

When we say this, we mean do not undervalue your worth as a business owner or entrepreneur. When you do this, you charge way less than what you actually deserve. Yes, it's difficult to do so when you’re just starting out, but do not sell yourself short to accommodate other people.

Once you devalue yourself and your company’s products and services, people will notice it and will take advantage. So, don’t let yourself fall into this trap and be confident in your work!

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